Wednesday, October 20

– Probably killed everyone after first contact with the police.

Five died and two were injured. Police believe they all died after their first contact with the defendants. A 37-year-old Danish citizen has been arrested and charged.

The case is being updated.

Four women and a man were killed in Kongsberg on Wednesday. They were all between the ages of 50 and 70, police said at a news conference in Tønsberg on Thursday.

– None of the dead have been formally identified yet, it will take some time. But relatives have been notified with that reservation, said Police Chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud in the southeastern police district at a news conference Thursday.

At 18.13, the police received a report of a man with a bow and arrow shooting at people. A short time later, a patrol was at the scene, the police chief said.

At 18.17, a message called PLIVO was sent, notifying all emergency services of a life-threatening incident.

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He probably killed all five after the first contact with the police.

The patrol that first arrived at the scene had the first observation of the man at 18.18. Then they see it again.

– In another incident, they are shot with arrows and lose contact with the man, who escapes. He is seen in different parts of the city, the police chief said.

Police believe that the murder of five people occurred after this.

– It is quite clear that they all died after the police contacted the perpetrator, says Bredrup Sæverud.

Police Chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud in the Southeastern Police District.

Wounded policeman

At 6:47 p.m. it is reported that he has been arrested. Warning shots were fired during the arrest, says the police chief.

For the sake of the investigation, the police do not want to reveal what type of weapon the perpetrator used.

The first attack is said to have taken place at Coop Extra on the West Side, a downtown district in Kongsberg. The defendant is said to have escaped from the store, but did not use the main entrance.

– A total of 22 patrols have been involved in the course of the events that led to the arrest. Additional resources were on the way, but did not arrive before the arrest, says Police Chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud in the southeastern police district.

– It is said that a civilian policeman was injured. When this happened?

– It happened before the first contact, responds the chief of police. The man must not be seriously injured. It is said that he was inside the Coop Extra store.

The 37-year-old was arrested at 6:47 p.m. When asked why it took half an hour to arrest the man, the police responded:

– It was a confusing area and a lot of patrols in action, but I don’t know exactly why, says Bredrup Sæverud.

He was a convert – the police were worried

The man accused of the Kongsberg killings has converted to Islam. concern about radicalization, says Bredrup Sæverud. –

– The 37-year-old man is a convert to Islam, he has been in the spotlight of the police before, asks Aftenposten.

– There has been a concern about radicalization, which the police have followed. But there have been no reports of the man in 2021, says Police Chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud.

Police are said to have had a conversation with the now 37-year-old man living in Kongsberg. The chief of police will not say anything about what he has explained, but he has been cooperative. Police are said to have received a report of concern about the man in 2020.

Must learn from the incident

The police investigation goes in several directions.

– It is natural to clarify if the murders are an act of terrorism. But we don’t have the conclusion and the answer to that, says Bredrup Sæverud.

– We will learn from this. We have not yet reached that stage, said Sæverud, referring to, among other things, the terrorist attack in the government quarter and Utøya in 2011. We are absolutely sure that we can also learn from this, says the police chief.

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