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We demand freedom for Palestine, not impunity for Israel!

34 organizations have signed the call that Norway should recognize Palestine as a state and stop the development of illegal Israeli settlements.

The new government must take its international responsibility seriously and condemn Israel’s human rights violations.

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The situation in Palestine has become increasingly critical in recent years. At the same time, the Solberg government increased Norwegian trade and cooperation with the occupying power Israel.

The (Labor) government of Jonas Gahr Støre must renew Norway’s role. It must work vigorously for a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.

Contrary to international law

Today, the Israeli authorities have no real incentive to end the occupation and initiate a just peace with the Palestinian Authority.

Former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy he said it like that“If Israel’s illegal conduct continues to go unpunished, we cannot expect any positive change. It is that simple. Israel implements policies that violate international law and UN resolutions because it can.”

Legitimate war crimes

The report Do not buy in the occupation shows that the Government Pension Fund Global (Oil Fund) has investments in 41 companies involved in illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.

The Petroleum Fund is at the forefront of Europe with investments exceeding 11 billion dollars. Numbers of SSB shows that total imports from Israel to Norway were record high in 2020 and were worth NOK 1.313 billion.

Norway’s trade with Israel has increased as the country tightens its grip on the occupation. The consequences are that Norwegian policy helps to legitimize and, in the worst case, provide financial support for war crimes.

You must follow a clear policy

We call for a new government to take its international responsibility seriously, implement a clear policy condemning violations of international law by Israel, and follow up on convictions with action. These measures are what we consider necessary steps to contribute to a just peace in Palestine and Israel:

  • The government should work to ensure that Norwegian trade and investment do not support the occupation and human rights violations, for example by discouraging Norwegian companies and industry from dealing with companies that contribute to violations of international law and human rights. human rights in the occupied territories.
  • The government must adopt a national ban on imports of goods, services and products from illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian or Syrian territory. At a minimum, the government must introduce a labeling scheme for goods produced in occupied territory, in line with the 2019 European Union Court of Justice ruling and UN Security Council Resolution 2334.
  • Norway must unilaterally recognize Palestine as a state.
  • As the leader of the UN Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, Norway must put the inhumane treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons on the agenda. At a minimum, Norway must propose to the UN Security Council that Palestinian children be included in the task force’s area of ​​responsibility.
  • Norway must demand that Israel lift the blockade of Gaza and halt the development of illegal Israeli settlements.

The new government cannot give its tacit consent to the continuation of the occupation and human rights violations.

We demand freedom for Palestine, not impunity for Israel. Only when the occupation has consequences will we see a real change in practice.

The call is written by the following:

Fredrik Glad Gjernes, General Manager, YWCA-YMCA Global

Aurora Nome, Secretary General of the Norwegian Christian Students Union

Kristine Martinsen, Managing Director of the Joint Committee for Palestine (POP)

Line Khateeb, Chairman of the Palestinian Committee in Norway

The petition is signed by the following organizations:

Quaker help

Norwegian Church Academies

PIM (Palestinian children in Israeli military prison)

He knows

Cairo Norway

The Karibu Foundation

Change manufacturer

Norwegian people’s aid

The Aftenposten graphic club

Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking (AUF)

BDS Norway

EL & IT Association

The joint organization of child welfare educators, social workers and social workers (FO)

Trade and office in Norway

Trade and offices Oslo and Akershus

LO in Oslo

Norwegian Food and Beverage Workers Union Oslo and Akershus

Norwegian Communist Party

Norwegian Railways Association

Oslo Bygningsarbeiderforening

Oslo Graphic Union

Oslo Senterungdom


Red Youth

Ship to Gaza Norway

Socialist Youth

The Party of the Socialist Left


Young Communists in Norway

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