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– you are on the right track

After the entry of Eirik Horneland as Brann’s head coach, the team is barely recognizable from earlier this year.

Summer transfers Bård Finne (right) and Sivert Heltne Nilsen flank Petter Strand and Kasper Skaanes after the Strømsgodset match in August. Coach Eirik Horneland

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To take the most literal first: Only three of the players who were confident in Horneland’s predecessor Kåre Ingebrigtsen’s starting lineup in the first round of this year’s series remain on the team that tried in vain to beat Mjøndalen in the previous round. Those who started 1-1 match in the Consto Arena he is in practice a top eleven of Horneland.

Four from the series opener against Viking are no longer with the club, and six on today’s Brann team had other employers when the season began. Talk more about the summer cleaning at the stadium before the fall search for a new contract in the Elite Series.

– Illustrates that Brann attacked this season in an exceptionally naive way. They had a lot of new faces and replacements in the stable, but they had to play football in a way that indicated they had a team that was in the top three in Norway. Their stable was nowhere near, and that naivety made Brann come out so crooked, says Bergens Tidende expert and former Brann player Erik Huseklepp.


Eirik Horneland responds this way if there has been a desired development with all the changes in the team.

– No, it says a bit about the problems we’ve had. We are happy with the squad we have here now, but it is difficult to enter August with a completely new team. A team that will build, interact and trust each other on and off the field. We have a great job ahead of us, says Horneland.

Ahead of the key deal broadcast by TV Norway against Stabæk (penultimate on the table) on Sunday, you can be sure the players are doing that job:

Since the mound landing he was promoted to head coach, and stayed in the middle subsequent scandals since the second business day, the club has been the fifth best team in the country.


Only the best teams, all in the gold contest, have been better than Hornelands Brann. But the ordinary elite league table is not as cheerful as the “Horneland table” invented by VG. Brann is still third last.

– I think we’re on the right track. We have 11 points in the last seven, but we also depended on the national team, since we had seven in the first 14. We have climbed to the rings, it is a team that is better connected and a team that seems more dangerous. in every game. Then there will be a battle for the margins until December 12, Branns still believes in a temporary coach.

I was an assistant when the year 2021 for Bergen began with a strong commotion around artificial grass, and that the members revoked the proposal about the plastering of the stadium surface, one may wonder later if it was okay.

Over seven off-season artificial turf games, Brann has zero wins and three points, although it was hard to believe that the club’s football nemesis Mjøndalen refused to take this year’s first win on the plastic field almost ago. two weeks:

– I don’t have a good answer for that. We train on grass every day and we like to play on grass. If we look at the performance, we should have won against Mjøndalen, says midfielder Sivert Heltne Nilsen, one of many newcomers this summer.

– Is the Elite Series a bad trend in the artificial grass league?

– That’s right, admits midfielder Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen, also picked up by the Horneland regime.

– It goes a little faster and is almost a different kind of sport. But the benefits for artificial grass and turf are increasing. We have added two points in two difficult away games in which we have been involved. It’s a strong sign, says the Bergen native who comes back and scores 1-1 against Tromsø and Mjøndalen twice.

Three out of four away games remain on artificial turf. That means six games on the surface apparently Brann likes better.

– I do not stress with artificial grass on our part, we handle it well. In general, we have collected few points away from home. That’s a bigger challenge, Horneland thinks of those stats.

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