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Sandviken asked about this in March. Then also the municipalities.

He turned on the condition that someone could be “offended.”

Sandviken has been trying to get pictures of the players in Stemmemyren’s dressing room for several months. Now the sports agency has made its way and has decided.

– We’ve had a dialogue about this for a long time, says Sandviken leader Hedda Duffy.

Back in March, Sandviken asked the municipality if the best players could paste profile photos of the places they use in the locker room.

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The men’s team took “haunting” pictures of the Sandviken ladies.

More than a month later, on April 29, the answer came: “Here we have to answer no, since we do not allow the creation of club / player profiles in venues that are basically common and used by others.”

– It’s probably wrong to say that we were surprised, because I don’t think we were. But we were disappointed, says Duffy.

Converted with reservations

On June 15, a new response came from the municipality. Sandviken had reported that now only the women’s team wore the costumes, and asked if it was okay for the photos to be there.

“It’s okay that they’re hanging there right now, so we have to reconsider if anyone is offended,” was the reply.

The Sandviken leader believes that the municipality has been very afraid of receiving reactions, both from other Sandviken teams and from Varegg, if they were going to make a difference in the best soccer team in Sandviken.

– In the municipality they say that they understand high-level sports, but they must take into account the others who use the facility.

Hedda Duffy (right) and media manager Mette Hammersland posted the photos again, two days after BT covered the case.

It is consideration that Torbjørn Iversen, director of the sports agency, confirms that they should take. At the same time, it is not recognized in the claim that the municipality has feared reactions.

– Sandviken Toppfotball already has a clear priority at Stemmemyren, says Iversen.

He says that the images were not something that they would have discussed in detail, but that in principle you should not make a profile of clubs or people in municipal sports facilities.

– The request to post photos came during the pandemic. Then Sandviken was left alone in the locker room, so we opened the door for pictures to hang there, says Iversen.

The men’s team returned

A few days after the municipality gave its permission, the grassroots sport was inaugurated. Thus, the men’s team, which is in the 3rd division, returned. The men’s coaching team chose remove photos because they seemed “disruptive”. The club has since He apologized is.

– The wish to have the pictures on the wall was fulfilled on the basis that the women’s team had the dressing room for themselves. Did the Sandviken men’s team have the right to remove the images?

– No they did not. It would have been more natural for them to come to us as owners of the wardrobe, says Iversen.

– Most things can be resolved through good dialogue, he adds.

The black marks on the walls are the remnants of the glue that was used to hang the pictures in the closet. Now the images are up again.

He is not aware that anyone has contacted the municipality and declared the images undesirable.

Photos are now on the wall again. It is the councilor of the sports agency Endre Tvinnereim (Labor Party) who has decided, says Iversen.

– I have sent a signal that these posters will be hung in the closet. I think it’s completely reasonable, Tvinnereim told BT on October 7.

It is the sports agency itself that has decided that the photographs will be uploaded.

Wish list sent

After BT brought the case that started the cartel fight, Duffy has experienced the township differently.

– There has been a change where this has seemed more of a priority. We quickly had a meeting where they were very welcoming, says Duffy.

Duffy describes Bergen’s most talked-about wardrobe as completely sterile, where everything is just plain white.

– You don’t feel like this is where Sandviken is when you get there, says Duffy.

In the days after the cartel riot became known, Sandviken sent a list to the municipality with various wishes. Among other things, they want to have a refrigerator in the closet, reserved parking spaces and a water dispenser. All on behalf of the club.

Iversen says that different wishes are common to the sports department.

– We receive many requests. It’s everything from club blogging in municipal locker rooms to exclusivity in locker room or cafeteria. We receive these types of requests constantly.

Sandviken’s wish list will be evaluated according to fire regulations and principled discussions of what can be arranged in municipal changing rooms.

– We want to facilitate both high-level sports and broad-based activity, but pressure from the media does not affect what the municipality arrives, says Iversen.

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