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Støre and Vedum failed in climate strikes

  • Simen Bondevik (21 years old)
    Simen Bondevik (21 years old)

    Leader, Youth Center

What Støre (left) and Vedum (right) have presented through the government platform is a shame, writes Simen Bondevik.

Based on the new governance platform, we can establish two things. s

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The government platform, which was unveiled on Wednesday, claims that oil and gas drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf will continue for the foreseeable future. It is a betrayal of the climate strikes.

He wanted a new government and Jonas Gahr Støre as prime minister. Over the past eight years, the Solberg government has not taken the climate crisis seriously and opened a record number of new oil fields.

During the election campaign, Støre promised that he would become a climate activist as Prime Minister, and Vedum promised that it should actively work to reduce emissions.

But what Vedum and Støre have presented through the government platform is a shame. I’m very disappointed.

No listening

I The Hurdal platform They claim that the Norwegian oil industry “will develop, it will not be liquidated (…) The Government will facilitate a continued high level of activity on the Norwegian platform.”

This is not only a betrayal of the climate strikes, it is also contrary to the recommendations of the UN Secretary General. He believes that all countries must stop looking for coal, oil and gas to stop the climate crisis. Why don’t Støre and Vedum listen?

One may wonder what kind of research and other decision-making bases Støre and Vedum form the basis of the climate policy they will now pursue. The main report from the UN Climate Panel, released this fall, shows an increase in extreme weather around the world.

The report shows that heat waves are getting stronger, showers more intense and hurricanes more powerful. Furthermore, the link between extreme weather and climate change is clearer than ever.

Listen to the UN

The same report also shows that it is still possible to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. But then we need an offensive climate and environmental policy now.

Jonas Gahr Støre won’t be the climate prime minister Norway needed

Unfortunately, the new government platform does not work here. To be successful with the green transition, we must listen to the UN and the climate strikes.

We need a complete stop on all new oil exploration and a completion date for the oil and gas activities on the Norwegian shelf. We must phase out oil and gas over a 15-year period and focus on renewable energy.

The new government now had a unique opportunity to take the lead in ecological change. This would be in stark contrast to the eight oil gray years under the Solberg government.

But based on the new governance platform, we can say two things: This will not be a green government, and Jonas Gahr Støre will not be the climate prime minister that Norway needed.

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