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Requires extraordinary ski equipment

The Buskerud ski district writes this in a letter to the Norwegian Ski Association.

Sitting ski chair: Erik Røste.

Adresseavisen has obtained access to a letter that the Buskerud ski district has sent to the Norwegian Ski Association today (20 October). The letter states that the ski district no longer trusts the current ski board and that they want an extraordinary ski to contribute to immediate changes in the upper body of the association.

– We want changes. That is our starting point. So we come with this notice, says board member and fund committee leader in the Buskerud ski district, Gabriel Johannessen to Adresseavisen.

The letter has been sent to the Norwegian Ski Association, the ski board with a copy to the leaders of the ski circuit.

For extraordinary shit to happen, 25 percent of those who have the right to vote on the above shit must apply for it.

“Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing personnel conflict, Buskerud Skikrets is not confident that today’s ski board can restore the necessary trust and reputation towards sponsors, volunteers, active people and everyone who is interested in skiing. Buskerud Skikrets warns that we intend to contribute to immediate changes in the political organization. It is an extraordinary ski in the Norwegian Ski Association, ”the letter says.

In addition, the ski community writes that it is concerned about an “increasingly weakened reputation of the ski association”:

“The ongoing personnel cases, sadly, fit into a series of cases that have cropped up over several years and all of which have contributed to undermining reputations. We cannot see that the ski board understood and assumed the consequences of the crisis. reputation in which we have ended. According to our writing, we experience that, unfortunately, the case has developed further in a negative direction. The case has affected the organization and the media for several months. Furthermore, we know that The aforementioned conflict has been developing in the Ski Federation for a year. We are surprised that such a serious case has been stopped for a long period during an ongoing pandemic. It should definitely have been possible to prioritize the case and find solutions precisely in that period. In this period until August 2021, practically all ski activities in the country have almost completely stopped. e this fall, Ski-Norge should have focused his work on preparing for a new season after almost 2 seasons with little or no activity. “

The ski district board also notes that 25 percent of the organization’s members have disappeared:

“During Skitinget, proposals were made for a series of measures to stimulate more activity. The reason for this was that our organization has lost 25% of its members in a short time. In addition, our best athletes are facing an Olympic season. This implies that everything was in place for a big positive mention of skiing, with a focus on both the top and the width. This would have created new motivation among volunteers, assets and employees from all parts of the ski. The Ski Federation’s response to the Buskerud Ski District gives a clear impression that steps will be taken to resolve the ongoing personnel conflict and, at the same time, contribute to measures to restore the reputation of the Ski Federation. Ski. We do not see that the Ski Board has been able to implement measures to resolve the personnel issue or implement measures that can improve the reputation of our organization, what and we perceive in free fall ”.

On Wednesday evening, the district board in the Akershus ski district will consider its fund committee’s wish to file a no-confidence motion against the current ski board.

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