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First hit in the gold match against Bodø / Glimt

MOLDE (VG) (Molde – Bodø / Glimt 0-2) A masterful second round against Molde, at home, means that Bodø / Glimt claimed their second consecutive league gold.

YELLOW (L) ACCLAIMS: Ola Solbakken (in the middle) on his way to the visiting fans to celebrate the 0-2. Kristoffer Haugen (left), Andreas Linde (in green) and Martin Bjørnbak (right) are depressed.

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Rosenborg has capitulated, and Viking is probably too far away to give Glimt and Molde a battle for league gold. In other words, the task of the latter team was to gain an advantage over the reigning champion on Wednesday night. They totally failed at that.

With injuries, illnesses and tired heads after José Mourinho’s feat against Roma less than a week ago, Bodø / Glimt knocked out Molde in his own great hall and led the Elite Series with fire points with six games to play.

Ineffective mold

Fireworks, 6551 spectators and two teams with a point between them at the table, provided a pleasant setting for the main match in Molde this Wednesday, and there were many interesting “talkies”.

Long-term injured Ulrik Saltnes was joined by Patrick Berg off the field after a knee injury against Strømsgodset on Sunday.

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With midfield aces out of Kjetil Knutsen’s deck, it suited Glimt’s boss very well that current national team player Ola Solbakken is in the shape of his life. The full-back sent Amahl Pellegrino alone with the goalkeeper in the eleventh minute with Ståle Solbakken’s national team assistant Kent Bergersen and his chief analyst Andrew Findlay in the stands. But before they managed to notice a solid lead in Trøndelag’s book, Pellegrino had lost the duel to Molde’s last defender, Andreas Linde.

Woke up the hosts. Led by Magnus Wolff Eikrem, who danced free on the field and should have scored Nikita Haikin, it was the pace and the push. Ola Brynhildsen also had a great opportunity while Elite Series top scorer “Ohi” Omoijuanfo was well looked after by Glimt’s defense.

When Sondre Brunstad Fet, who has battled illness after Roma’s feat last Thursday, had to leave at halftime, most people thought Molde’s initiative I had to finish scoring at home. But no.

Bodø / Glimt has many weapons. National team defender Fredrik Bjørkan stood out with a magical moment. He pushed into Molde’s penalty area in a characteristic way and set up Fets’ replacement Hugo Vetlesen. The 21-year-old went 0-1.

Solbakken Store

Then there was Ola Solbakken. Which of course he dialed again. From his right side, he stepped in front of Molde’s kick and lifted the ball into the net behind Linde. To great applause in the much visited and decorated in yellow and black.

In six days, Solbakken has scored four goals and the 23-year-old has assumed a leadership role in the team.

Against Roma at home, Strømsgodset away and Molde at home.

Two wins and a draw mean he’s headed for another fantastic fall finale in the north.

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