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Helland’s magic and Lehne Olsen’s new goals brought Stabæk closer to relegation: – Norway’s best serve

LILLESTRØM (VG) (Lillestrøm – Stabæk 3-0) Pål-André Helland has never had a longer work session in the Elite Series for Lillestrøm, and it paid off for his team. And on Saturday Rosenborg awaits Lerkendal …

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– “Pål is back,” LSK manager Geir Bakke tells VG about Helland after Trøndelag’s only third league game since the start of this season.

The form of the match he showed in Åråsen in the 3-0 crush of an almost desperate Stabæk indicated that Helland had played 30. He had one left foot throughout the offense with Bakke’s side, and it was no small feat. .

At least not in relation to the opponent. The Bears appeared to return to the Obosligaen, while Lillestrøm played a “power game” at home for a while.

It also didn’t help Stabæk that team captain Simen Wangberg succumbed to the cold and left the field after just over half an hour.

FIREWORKS DELIVERED: Facing home fans in Åråsen, the Lillestrøm team celebrate Thomas Lehne Olsen’s 2-0 goal.

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Finally, Mjøndalen got something to cheer on

– It’s only a matter of time before it slides. It’s mostly about structure, and that’s my responsibility. We become “half high” in the defensive game. The back joint falls, the midfield remains standing. Helland and Lehne Olsen combine in front of ours. We’re getting passive, says Stabæk coach Eirik Kjønø after their second straight 0-3 loss.

The last match was against the ten men from Molde. Kjønø responds as follows if there really is any optimism to manage the venue based on the recent performance of the team:

– Of course! Maybe not when you watch the last two games. But there are two points up to Brann. Viking can beat them tomorrow, the southerner notes in his first season in an elite series as head coach.

He went to rest without backing down, but was 4-0 at times and 6-0 in a corner in favor of the locals. And if he had painted Pål-André Helland’s dead balls yellow, they could have been used to mark the middle stripes along the county road.

Trønderen splashed one by one within the same square centimeters in a dangerous zone, but the teammates couldn’t take advantage of this in the first 45. The break chat changed that:

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Odd’s Coach: – Now we’ve gotten into the relegation battle

It was supposed to happen on the ninth corner kick. Helland’s outstretched mid-ankle kick was paired with Espen Garnås’s forehead. Hallingdølen, half stopper, half stunt double, flew through the air and leapt at the head. The Åråsen audience had screamed hoarsely and drummed stiffly afterward.

Garnås wondered if he could beat him another meter, because he was always free. So I do, Helland smiles at VG.

The 31-year-old doesn’t hesitate when asked to describe his own left foot:

– I am so confident in it, that I can say that there are not many in the world who would rather have to do it than me. I know I’m good at it. Land in the same pot every time. Lillestrøm should be good at set pieces, he now has Norway’s best serve, says Trønder confidently.

Canarias also pounced on 1-0. Philip Slørdahl thundered the ball in the back room, Eskil Edh started with what television footage looked like the right side of the offside line, and Volla’s teenager on the opposite side of the road for Åråsen, stormed onto the field. .

He couldn’t have asked for a better man to meet – top scorer Thomas Lehne Olsen easily secured his dozen goals this season. 20 minutes later the procedure was repeated from the opposite side:

Tobias Svendsen, who played the best match ever in the Lillestrøm jersey, held up very well through Vetle Dragsnes. He approached Thomas Lehne Olsen, who with the same ease as the previous striker walked in his second for the day and 21 for the season.


This means that the 30-year-old Lillestrøm team captain is the all-time top scorer in a league season at the club after beating Mons Ivar Mjeldes 19 of 1993.

– It is fierce in all phases of the game. It’s not easy being a midfielder against him, so you have to deal with illegalities, says Geir Bakke.

With only three days left until the away meeting with Rosenborg, he actually knocked out his highly trusted midfielder Ifeanyi Mathew at 2-0. At the same time, Stabæk took over part of the initiative.

Among other things, Pål Alexander Kirkevold had a couple of chances, but Kirkevold’s level in 2017, when he was the top scorer in Denmark and made his national team debut, is currently not the same in 2021.

Stabæk is now last in the Eliteserien, two points behind Brann in the standings.

– It seems dark, but the most important thing is that we in the dressing room have faith in him, Bergenser and Stabæk player Fredrik Haugen tell VG.

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