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– In fact it has been very calm

SANDEFJORD (VG) (Sandefjord-Strømsgodset 2-0) Vidar Ari Jónsson (27) of Sandefjord continues to sweep in the Elite Series, but reveals that he has not received a single offer from other clubs.

ICELANDIC TARGET HERO: Sandefjord’s Vidar Ari Jónsson applauds for scoring against Strømsgodset.

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The Icelander has just over two months left on his contract and is free to sign for anyone.

With scoring points in every other Sandefjord game this season, he’s ready for a bigger task.

– Of course you want to play in even better football clubs, but me and the family really like it in Sandefjord. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, he says after the 2-0 win over Strømsgodset.

He says there has been “nothing serious” from other clubs. Icelandic soccer agent Olafur Gardarsson is waiting for something to happen.

– If you have any offers, get in touch, jokes Jónsson with the VG reporter in Sandefjord.

– In fact, it has been very calm. I haven’t heard much, but it’s still only October so we’ll just have to wait and see, he adds.

VG has previously reported that Icelander has been offered a new contract at his current club.

– I hope I can score even more goals. If I keep playing well, there will be offers. That is my attitude.

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Sandefjord can thank Jónsson that the club is on its way to a new season in the Eliteserien. Against Strømsgodset he scored again.

– It may not be the best match we’ve played, but we’re happy with the effort, says Jónsson about Sandefjord’s hyper-efficient night.

Alexander Ruud Tveter and Jónsson “surprised” everyone with their respective goals in a quick couple of minutes into the second half.

Sandefjord hadn’t had a single shot on goal, and nothing to recall a scoring opportunity, when the two attacking players suddenly struck.

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Jónsson’s nine goals and three assists this season mean he averages half a goal point per game. You have the following authorization:

– It is the whole team that works together. I have always scored goals. We play for each other and we like to run and duel.

– Why have you been more successful here than in Brann?

– Both are very nice clubs. I love Sandefjord, I have family here and the weather is very good here too, the 27-year-old smiles.

Strømsgodset goalkeeper Viljar Myhra was literally in the generous corner where he lay and bounced after Vidar Ari Jónsson finished loose from about 20 meters:

Drammen’s club, which barely created anything in 90 minutes, never managed to respond to the goals.

Strømsgodset may well call himself the worst away team in the Elite Series. There have only been six points outside of Marienlyst.

– We have been bad away from home for four years, since I joined the club, so it is a question of a million dollars. I don’t have a good answer for that, other than this was not good enough, says Johan Hove from Strømsgodset.

The 2-0 result means Sandefjord is a good step away from the relegation battle the club was about to cheer on, after five straight games without a win.

Sandefjord is now nine points behind Brann in the standings. The farm is the point in front of Sandefjord.

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