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– I have a more relaxed relationship with the national team.

National team coach Thorir Hergeirsson unveiled the World Cup squad on Tuesday. Emilie Hegh Arntzen was there again after the heavy Olympic wreck.

BACK: Emilie Hegh Arntzen is on the World Cup team.

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“I had a more relaxed relationship with the national team after this summer,” Hegh Arntzen tells VG. He had to swallow the disappointment of being “on hold” in Japan for three weeks. reserve under OL. She never went near Tokyo.

– Of course it was very difficult to be there, but at the same time so far away. I have it in such a way that, of course, I would like to participate if they (the leadership of the national team) want it. If not, then my life is about many other things as well. I can’t bear that he gives me so much negative energy to not be there. It’s very difficult, says the 27-year-old who just after his reserve life at the Olympics began a new handball life in Bucharest.

– I am very happy to be involved, but there are no additional feelings around abstinence, she emphasizes.

The director of the national team believes that the Olympic team was completely clear. Hegh Arntzen hadn’t performed well enough for one of 14 spots on the Vipers and the national team.

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– She was not at the level where she should be, but now she is on her way. I think it looked really good this fall. She has taken hold and made a decision, Hergeirsson says.

Bucharest has ruled mainly in central defense together with the Dutch Yvette Broch. Looking ahead, he has played more sporadically in an attacking game dominated by Cristina Neagu.

– It is very fun to play with such a good handball player. Of course, he has a lot to add, says Emilie Hegh Arntzen, who will not meet Neagu with Norway on December 7.

After an opening table run against Kazakhstan and Iran, Romania is the only challenge of the group game. But Cristina Neagu has taken a season break and is not going to Spain.

Norway presents this template:

  • Guardians: Silje Solberg and Katrine Lunde
  • Gardeners: Henny Ella Reistad, Emilie Hegh Arntzen, Veronica Kristiansen, Stine Skogrand, Nora Mørk, Stine Bredal Oftedal, Moa Högdahl, Kristine Breistøl, Marit Røsberg Jacobsen, Camilla Herrem, Sanna Solberg-Isaksen, Kari Brattset Datad, and Vilde Mnsens Datad.
  • Bookings: Rikke Granlund (goalkeeper) and Emilie Hovden

Moa Högdahl played the World Cup in 2019, but was not seen at the Olympics. He is now on the World Cup team. Odense forward Maren Aardahl is listed as the “surprise” on the roster. The 27-year-old made his debut against Slovenia in October.

– His attitude is very interesting, says Hergeirsson. He also has Vilde Mortensen Ingstad for the first time since the 2018 European Championship.

Esbjerg player and veteran Marit Malm Frafjord, Vipers player Marta Tomac and Herning-Ikast’s Vilde Ingeborg Johansen from the Olympic squad are not in the World Cup squad. The Malin Aune Olympic Reserve was also not incorporated after a turbulent autumn.

– When it comes to Frafjord, he is one of the best line and defensive players in international handball. We are at a crossroads. The Olympics are three years away, and Frafjord has said he will surrender after this season here. We have had a dialogue with her, says Hergeirsson.

Frafjord first resigned in 2018, but then returned.

Camilla Herrem is in the championship number 17.

– There for a while since the Norwegian women’s team has had an average age as high as it is now. It shows that you are doing quite well in the national team. Almost no one wants to quit smoking. The motivation is the same and it is very beautiful. Our basis is that we are a stable team that is used to being in the championship, says the 35-year-old.

Norway will go through the warm-up during the Intersport Cup in Bergen from 25-28 November where the Netherlands, South Korea and Russia are opponents.

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