Monday, January 17

Macron relaunches nuclear power: France Nature Environnement’s reaction

Nuclear: More complicated than a Jupiterian announcement! The announcement by the President of the Republic this evening, in his televised address, of the construction of new nuclear reactors in France, has no legal basis.

Indeed, the national energy policy is built on the long term within the Pluriannual Energy Programming (PPE) which sets, in a normative manner, the quantitative objectives used to launch calls for tenders for production facilities of energy. ‘electricity. The current PPE does not provide for the construction of new nuclear power plants and runs until 2023. In other words, before this date, and the adoption of a new PPE, no call for tenders for the construction of new nuclear power plants will be possible. be launched.

RTE and NégaWatt recently published energy scenarios for 2050 aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. These different scenarios offer a range of hypotheses and several of them are based on an exit from nuclear power. They must feed the national democratic debate on the energy future of France and its essential climate action as part of the preparation of the next EPP. This debate must be a social debate, which is what the law provides.

« If he had spoken as a presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron would have been quite legitimate to speak out in favor of a nuclear revival. It would have been part of the political debate. The problem is that he announced this revival of nuclear power as President of the Republic, which is not only perfectly outside the legal framework, but above all a real insult to democratic intelligence. The citizens of this country deserve to be masters of the energy and carbon-free future of France through a true and rich democratic debate. This is how we will create the consensus necessary to meet this immense challenge of the fight against climate change. ” to analyse Arnaud Schwartz, President of France Nature Environnement.

What is PEP?

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