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Think that these may be relevant to the Olympic squad.

SOGNSVANN / LIVIGNO (VG) Jon Rolf Skamo Hope (23), Jan Thomas Jenssen (25) and Mikael Gunnulfsen (28) are three names that national team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum believes may interfere in the Olympic discussion.

EMPLOYEES: Jon Rolf Skamo Hope, Jan Thomas Jenssen and Mikael Gunnulfsen are non-national team candidates who may be relevant to the Olympics.

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– I believe and hope that people outside the national team are relevant. “I have a fairly experienced team and we need people to bite us on the legs and challenge the position to get higher,” Nossum tells VG, a month before the start of the season in Beitostølen.

Last winter, Harald Østberg Amundsen (23) spearheaded his breakthrough World Cup Bronze and National Team Place before the new season. Although the Olympic squad will only consist of eight men orOutput g is expected to be record Nossum believes that running backs outside the national team can make their way into the discussion.

FOLLOW UP: Harald Østberg Amundsen and Eirik Myhr Nossum are curious about running backs outside the national team.

– We had Mikael Gunnulfsen who won the 15th kilometer in Beitostølen last year (before Got hurt). If you do the same this year, you smell like a bird, says Nossum and continues:

– The national recruiting team is very strong, where Jon Rolf Skamo Hope it was very fast from the beginning last year. It’s kind of where Harald was last year, where you can take crazy steps year after year. Håvard Moseby it has a very high peak level. Jan Thomas JenssenAs well as several of Elon’s team, they are among those who can challenge us.

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Harald Østberg Amundsen has a good overview of the national team’s recruiting and is excited about what his former teammates will come up with this winter.

– I know a group of tremendously good skiers. There are many to pay attention to. Should I mention names that I would think Skamo hope it goes fast, I’m excited too Jan Thomas Jenssen and Mattis Stenshagensays Amundsen.

Skamo Hope says he has received good responses to sessions with elite athletes during the run-up and hopes to show himself on the 15 kilometers in Beiotstølen.

– It’s good that they mention me. I want to challenge a little more established athletes, says Skamo Hope.

Jan Thomas Jenssen had some problems last winter, but now he is more positive.

– I am very happy with the drive-up. My goal this year is the Ski Tour. I have not fully targeted an Olympic spot this year. It’s important to be able to go to the World Cup as much as possible for me, says Jenssen.

– I’ll make it difficult for Nossum to take out teams in the future, says Jenssen.

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Nossum also highlights the most experienced Didrik Tønseth, who lost his place in the national team before this season.

– Until the first game of the season in Beitostølen, I will try to train as best I can for my entire national team. The rest of the winter the team lives from Monday to Monday. Then we will bring out the best ones, regardless of whether they come from the right or the left. For the Olympics, I will have the best eight, says Nossum.

He is curious about the running backs outside the national team and is happy to receive fresh breath.

– Bringing in Harald has been a great strength. New faces and new thoughts are only positive. At Harald’s age, they can suddenly go a minute faster during a car trip, Nossum says.

– It is very inspiring what Harald has done. We are just as old and have gone on to win cross-country skiing over the years. His promise is impressive, says Skamo Hope.

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