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Three out of four stores have poorer access to products before Christmas shopping – E24

Trade in November and December is very important for merchandise trade. Most stores that are experiencing the shipping crisis say it will cause a loss of sales.

Last Advent Sunday last year, Markensgaten in Kristiansand was decorated and many went shopping.

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Ever since the corona pandemic hit the world’s ports and factories, there have been problems with shipping goods by sea around the world. Virke has asked his members about the supply of products for the holiday season, and three out of four answer that it is worse than normal.

55% answer that it is worse than normal and 17% that it is much worse than normal. Of them, three out of four answer that this shortage of goods will cause a loss of business volume.

– It is a strange situation, which is mainly related to specialized trade. For example, there is a shortage of bicycle parts, explains Ivar Horneland Kristensen, CEO of Virke, the leading trade and service industry organization.

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The crisis in maritime transport has caused the Armed Forces to lack footwear, stores are empty of merchandise and the price of maritime containers by sea has multiplied. This can mean more expensive products for consumers, unless the stores themselves can pay more for shipping.

– Partly because the entire logistics system is interrupted and partly because the pandemic has affected parts of the production of goods. There are containers in the wrong place and goods that don’t arrive when they should, says Virke’s manager.

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Virke CEO Ivar Horneland Kristensen.

In October, E24 spoke with several of the large retail chains, who said they had been working for a long time to fill warehouses for Christmas. Elkjøp said they have worked all year to prepare for Christmas shopping, and Jernia since last fall.

Virke’s forecasts do not indicate that Norwegians are adjusting their spending after raising interest rates and high electricity bills.

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Virke estimates that Norwegians will spend NOK 12,070 each on this year’s Christmas celebration, which in total means that we will leave NOK 122 billion in Norwegian stores and online stores. That’s 12 percent more than in 2019. The crown year 2020 was an abnormally high consumption year, and the expected Christmas consumption this year is around 3 percent lower than last year.

By comparison, NHO’s estimate is that Norwegians will spend NOK 118 billion on Christmas shopping this year.

Virke’s manager believes that the reason Norwegians want to spend so much on Christmas shopping is, among other things, that we have saved more and had less to spend the money when the company closed during the pandemic.

– Last year there was no border trade, we did not travel and there were few opportunities to eat out. Now it has become more open, but there is still a 12 percent increase compared to 2019, says Horneland Kristensen.

The growth of e-commerce is something that grows even more, even though the society is opening up, according to the Christmas shopping report. They estimate that online shopping will increase by 1 percent from last year, representing an increase of up to 50 percent compared to 2019. Online stores in Norway, in particular, have seen growth in sales. sales.

– Online shopping has gained tremendous momentum in the pandemic. There are lasting changes here, says Horneland Kristensen.

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