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What is really happening at the external border of the EU? Poland claims that they are being invaded from the neighboring country.

Polish authorities claim that the neighboring country is sending thousands of refugees to the border. Here are some questions and answers that explain the crisis.

On Monday, young people from the Middle East stood on the border with Poland.

“Poland’s border is not just a line on the map. The border is sacred, Polish blood has been sacrificed for it. He wrote to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Facebook on Monday.

The newsroom intensifies in the conflict with Belarus.

On Monday, 12,000 Polish soldiers were ready to protect the border with Belarus. The “invasion” against which they must defend their homeland is not the armed soldiers, but the migrants who want to seek asylum.

Poland claims that the Belarusian authorities are “pushing” immigrants to the border. They accuse the neighbor of “hostile acts.” Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak tweeted that Poland “will defend its borders.”

NATO also uses words commonly associated with military crises. BBC He writes that the alliance is talking about “escalation” on the border and “will maintain security in the region.”

On Monday, Stanislaw Zaryn tweeted that “the biggest attempt to cross the Polish border has just started.” He is the spokesman for the Polish security services. He attached a movie that will show the migrants on their way to the border.

1. Where do they come from?

On Monday, Polish authorities said there were between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants at the border. According to Reuters, they also said that more than 10,000 are heading west.

In addition to Poland, Latvia and Lithuania also report a sharp increase in migrants crossing the border from Belarus.

Most of the migrants are from the Middle East, various media outlets report. We are talking about men, women and children fleeing conflict and poverty in countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

But there are also some Africans trying to cross the border.

Many parents have taken their children with them in hopes of a better life in Western Europe.

2. Why from Belarus?

Poland and other EU countries have long accused Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko of using immigrants as weapons.

On several occasions, the EU has stepped up sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarus. Lukashenko’s policies are becoming increasingly brutal against his own people. He is also accused of massive voter fraud in 2020.

Neighboring countries now claim that they want to pressure the EU with the help of immigrants. While it is almost impossible for migrants to obtain visas for other European countries, it is easy to get to the Belarusian capital, Minsk.

From there, the migrants are taken to the border with the EU.

Migrants have told the BBC that Belarusians are helping them enter Poland. There they often depend on human smugglers to get further west.

In October, Aftenposten visited the border. In the forest, large flocks of migrants were waiting for the smugglers. They were terrified of being found by the Polish authorities.

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3. What happens now?

On Monday, several Western media reported that groups of up to 1,000 migrants were followed by armed soldiers to the Belarusian border with Poland.

On the other side of the border are the Polish soldiers.

This fall, they have been accused of excessive violence when they discover migrants and force them to cross the border. according to Political Nine people have died after trying to cross the border. Polish border guards claim that there have been more than 30,000 illegal attempts to cross the border since August.

Reports from the border said the Poles used tear gas to force the migrants to return.

The Poles also claim that Belarusian soldiers have crossed the border, he writes German wave. On Monday, Belarus’ charge d’affaires, a diplomatic envoy, Alexander Cheshnovsky, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw.

On Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. local time, Kuznica, one of the exposed border crossings, will be closed. the reports Border state of Poland. Travelers are asked to contact two other border stations.

4. What can happen next?

The crisis at the border affects both the EU and NATO. Lukashenko seems to have a desire to create chaos in the EU countries.

So far, Poland has insisted on tackling the crisis on its own, he writes. Political. They don’t want the help of the EU’s Frontex apparatus, which is created to deal with pressure at the borders.

The Polish government is very critical of immigration and wants control of the border itself.

Several EU countries have criticized Poland for the harsh way they return migrants.

An American diplomat in Warsaw said the pressure from Belarus at the border was a dangerous escalation. Lukashenko receives support from Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that Belarus was complying with international laws and regulations.

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