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– Feels like losing face

The leadership of the national team is not sure if it is justified to let Felix Baldauf (27) continue to break at the highest level with the Bekhterevs diagnosis. The main character refuses to be stopped.

SKEPTIC: National team coach Fritz Aanes (left) will wait before including Felix Baldauf in the national team. This photo is from the WC in 2018.

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– I am one of the best fighters in the world in my weight class, so this is a matter of principle for me. I feel like I lose face when I don’t have a contract, Baldauf tells VG and adds:

– I have to show them that I do. has to to be included.

Earlier this fall, she learned why body pain and injury problems have escalated in recent years. You have an “inflammatory disease of the back” known as ankylosing spondylitis.. It is a condition that causes pain in the joints of the back, pelvis, and hips. Baldauf has started on medication, but national team coach Fritz Aanes and assistant Stig-André Berge are waiting.

– It’s just for your health. We are not sure if it is justifiable for him to break away from the challenges he has, Aanes tells VG.

They have refused to include Baldauf in the October World Cup, and he’s still worried.

ON TOP OF THE WORLD: Felix Baldauf took the gold of the European Championship in 2017. Here he applauds after a victory in the first matches of the World Cup in 2018.

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– We do not know of any other fighter who has this diagnosis, and we are not sure if he is very smart to lift other men in the 100 kilo class. We must ensure that Felix does not suffer permanent injuries, says Aanes.

When the men’s national wrestling team for 2022 was recently introduced, Baldauf was therefore not among the six names awarded a contract.. The 27-year-old says he appreciates that management is concerned about him, but is determined to drive at full speed.

– It doesn’t matter financially, and I start training with the national team. It’s more for honor, says the 2017 European champion.

Good effect

– How does the disease manifest itself for you now?

– The drugs work very well and I have been in full training since three weeks before the Oslo World Cup. I got rid of 80 percent of the pain so it’s a whole new life for me.

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– The doctors have told me that I can drive as usual, and for me there are two training sessions every day. I’m still driving, says Baldauf.

It will participate in the National Championship in Lambertseter this weekend, and it will be the first competition after Olympic qualification in May.

Young Marcus Worren, who had a chance at the World Cup at Baldauf’s expense, will probably be the fiercest competitor in the 97kg category.

– I will take the NM gold quite well, but it will be exciting to see how the match is. I’m really looking forward to it, says Baldauf, who will bring in the club’s coach at Braatt, Eren Gjægtvik, in the quest for the NM title.

P.S.! The next big championship for senior wrestlers is the European Championship in Budapest in March next year.

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