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Stunned by the Svahn treatment: – Surprising

Swedish ski star Linn Svahn (21) misses the Olympics with a shoulder injury. Both NRK expert Torgeir Bjørn and Aftonbladet commentator Petra Thoren question the way Svahn has been treated.

PREGNANT FATHER: Here, Linn Svahn is photographed after the unfortunate fall in Ulricehamn in February. It costs him the Olympic season.

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On Wednesday it became known that Svahn will not be ready for the Beijing Olympics in February as a result of the shoulder injury he sustained after a fall in February. He competed during the World Cup sprint on painkillers, but it was a disappointment.

Since then, Svahn has worked with rehab after the season, and only in September was surgery performed. The Sprint Comet believes that rehab before surgery has made things worse.

– It is surprising that the operation could not be carried out in April. I understand that they wanted to prepare her for the World Cup, but not that they waited so long with the surgery. This is a question to ask yourself. So there are probably medical explanations for it, says NRK expert Torgeir Bjørn.

Now Svahn will likely lose the entire season, and the World Cup in Planica 2023 will be the next big goal.

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– If it had been operated in April, it would have had five more months of rehabilitation, says Bjørn.

On the Swix podcast «The ski slope» Svahn reveals that he has walked faster than ever in some sessions, but has had several setbacks and is struggling to lift, for example, a carton of milk. He regrets that the operation was not carried out earlier.

– Of course, but it is very easy to become self-critical. I probably would have been in a different situation if I had surgery immediately after the fall, says Svahn.

The 21-year-old criticized herself because she did not listen to her body after the World Cup. She says the national team doctor Per Andersson has apologized, but adds that there are no bad feelings.

See Svahn’s outburst after the sprint at Trondheim 2020:

Andersson did not respond to VG’s questions on Tuesday.

Aftonbladet Commentator Petra Thoren asks questions about the Swedish coaches and the medical team.

“Treatment of Svahn’s shoulder injury raises a number of questions. From emergency treatment to diagnosis, initial treatment, and surgery. I don’t know exactly how many tests Svahn was offered or went through,” writes Thoren.

“In any case, the whole incident has been regrettable and Svahn becomes the victim,” writes Thoren.

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Swedish national team manager Anders Byström believes that communication between the coaches and the medical team has been strong.

– We discuss all cases. There has been a good dialogue throughout whether I should rest or exercise. There is no point in being upset about this right now. It has been a difficult case and everyone has done everything possible. We know that you have received very good help, but it was a very difficult case, says Byström.

He warns that Linn Svahn will return stronger than ever.

– Has an extreme will to win and a motivation in it. I think she sees this as a very good opportunity to do a lot of basic training and train exactly how she wants, says Byström.

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