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NRK: Lebanese indicted in Nygaard case

According to NRK, a Lebanese who previously lived in Norway has been accused of complicity in the assassination attempt in the last three years, without knowing it himself.

William Nygaard was behind the publication of “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie.

– I had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, the Lebanese said then. NRK tracked him down in Lebanon.

28 years ago, publisher William Nygaard was shot and seriously injured outside his home in Oslo. He was hit by three shots.

As editor of Aschehoug, he was the editor of author Salman Rushdie’s book “Satanic Verses”. Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced the author and all those who helped to publish the book to death.

The book was perceived as blasphemous. It led to riots and demonstrations in many countries, including Norway.

The assassination attempt on October 11, 1993 was linked to the death penalty.

The driveway where William Nygaard was shot and wounded.

“Secret” charges

The police expanded the investigation, but got nowhere.

Three years ago, there was a surprising development in the case.

After 25 years, Kripos charged two people with attempted murder. But for the sake of the ongoing investigation, the police did not say who the two were.

NRK now claims that they have located one of the defendants. In a hotel in Lebanon, the accused were confronted with police suspicions.

He denies any involvement in the assassination attempt.

Deported from Norway

The man lived in Norway from 1989 to 1996. He was deported after it was revealed that he had smuggled his spouse to Norway with a false passport.

Shortly after the attack, he came under police scrutiny. He had close relatives who were central to the Hezbollah movement. According to NRK sources, he also had contact with the Iranian embassy in Oslo.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization supported by Iran. It has both a political and a military branch.

The defendant himself denies having anything to do with Hezbollah. He tells NRK that his “personal beliefs and principles” prohibit him from participating in such acts of violence.

In 2012, he was questioned by the Lebanese police, who acted on behalf of his Norwegian colleagues.

The police surrendered

Several times the police have given up on finding the culprit. The first time was in 1995.

When they took up the case in 1996, the man who is now accused was deported from the country. The police saw no reason to question him.

In 2007, the case was dropped again. It happened without the knowledge of William Nygaard or the public. In 2008, the case was taken up, after a critical documentary on TV2.

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Kripos has accused several people of the attack on William Nygaard

Similar to drawing

The Lebanese says he knew nothing about the accusation. He tells the NRK reporter that he is happy to come to Norway to explain himself again. He would also like to see police evidence.

There was only one eyewitness to what happened outside Nygaard’s home. With the help of witness observation, the police drew a picture of the suspect.

Nygaard himself told NRK on Thursday night that he believes the drawing is similar to the Lebanese one. The editor says the police should take the man at his word and pick him up for questioning in Norway.

Kripos will not comment on the case.

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