Thursday, December 9

The man who was shot in Bislett had free access to leave the mental institution during the day. I went several times.

Oslo police confirmed that the 33-year-old man who was shot by police on Tuesday was allowed to move around relatively freely during his treatment.

A 33-year-old man from Chechnya was finally shot and killed after a collision with a patrol from the Oslo police district on Tuesday. The man is said to have threatened several passersby with a knife.

The man who died after being shot by police in Bislett on Tuesday had access to a free exit call from the institution where he was treated for schizophrenia. This is confirmed by the prosecutor Kari Kirkhorn from the Oslo police district to Aftenposten.

– I was in treatment, and there has been some relaxation of conditions around this, she says.

Kirkhorn is also aware that he has been licensed the treatment on several occasions, but will not quantify or describe the extent of this. Therefore, Monday’s license was not of a unique nature.

The 33-year-old man was sentenced on December 11 last year to mandatory mental health care after an attempted murder and threats with a knife at Ankerbrua in Oslo in June 2019.

Aftenposten is informed by sources that the man had free access to go to the pharmacy, shop, restaurant or visit friends during the day. A source who knew the 33-year-old man told Aftenposten that he reacted strongly when he encountered the man on the street last weekend.

On Thursday, police said that the 33-year-old man had an autopsy. But neither the Oslo Police District nor the Bureau of Investigation will say anything about the content.

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The day after the 33-year-old man was handed a folder, he attacked him with a knife and shot him dead.

You have started a supervision case

On Wednesday, it emerged that the State Administrator in Oslo and Viken will open a supervisory case with the health service after the incident in Bislett on Tuesday.

The monitoring case will take a closer look at what kind of medical care the 33-year-old received prior to the episode.

It is unknown whether the person who has been professionally responsible for the treatment of the 33-year-old has consulted with the prosecution about the license or the transfer to the different levels of security.

The law establishes that “if special considerations so require, the professionally responsible person must consult the tax authority before the convicted person is transferred between different levels of security within the same institution or is licensed.”

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Police shot the perpetrator at Bislett. Could they have used other methods?

Investigated by the special unit

Special unit prosecutor Alexander Fotland Iversen is leading the investigation against the two policemen who participated in the Bislett shooting.

Both have suspect status and have now been questioned.

Iversen will not elaborate on what they have explained or what the unit’s researchers have discovered so far.

Nor will he comment or confirm the information from TV 2 last night, that the patrol that entered the situation was initially unarmed.

– All this is so fundamental to the case that, for the moment, we will keep it to ourselves, says Iversen.

The special unit has a chief investigator of the case and several officials who contribute during the interrogation. Furthermore, Kripos is involved, after they were asked to provide technical assistance.

– Kripos will eventually write us a report on his findings, says Iversen.

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