Sunday, November 28

Holland must play with empty stands against Norway

High infection rates in the Netherlands led to new infection control measures by the Dutch government on Friday night. Among other things, Tuesday’s game between the Netherlands and Norway in Rotterdam must be played without spectators.

A MONTH AGO: That’s how it was when the Netherlands played Gibraltar in Rotterdam a month ago. Next week there will be empty stands in Rotterdam.

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Feyenoord’s stadium, De Kuip, has more than 50,000 spectators, but on Tuesday, football fans will arrive behind closed doors. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte at a press conference on Friday night.

– The Netherlands-Norway will be without an audience next week, says Rutte.

In recent weeks, infection rates have risen sharply in the Netherlands, and an infection record was set on Thursday with 16,364 positive tests. 16,264 positive tests were recorded on Friday.

The country’s outbreak management team (UNWTO) advisory group of experts on the pandemic the government recommended on Thursday to introduce a two week soft shutdown.

That recommendation largely followed the Dutch government when Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge presented new infection control measures at a press conference on Friday night.

The Netherlands will now introduce a series of measures over three weeks. Some of the measures take effect immediately, while others take effect from Saturday.

Measurements include:

  • No more than four guests a day
  • Work from home, unless possible
  • Distance requirements: 1.5 meters where crown pitch is not applied
  • Prohibition to remain open more than 20.00 for cafes and restaurants
  • All non-essential stores must close by 6pm. This also applies to events such as Christmas markets and conferences.
  • The theater and cinema may be open, but limited to a maximum of 150 people.
  • Sports can also continue, but there will be a ban on the public inside and out.
LACK OF NEW TITLE: The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, introduced new infection control measures on Friday night.

– Today we have a tough message, with boring and intrusive decisions. In the last few days we have talked a lot and for a long time. It’s very complicated. Last week, we introduced the mandibular and mandibular passport duty. OMT says hard and clear: the effect is not good enough. We are not reducing infection rates now. So what do we do now? I’ll tell you what applies in the short term, says Rutte, and he says they will now introduce measures for three weeks.

After the three weeks have passed, there will be a new package of measures, says Rutte.

According to the Dutch broadcaster NOS, the police are very present outside the Ministry of Justice, where Rutte and De Jonge are holding the press conference on the new crown measures. On Friday, several people called demonstrations outside the ministry on social media. At the last press conference on November 2, 13 people were arrested, among other things, for throwing stones and fireworks at the police.

CANNOT COME: Dutch fans cannot support the national team inside the stadium during the match against Norway.

On Friday morning, the main Dutch media reported on the possible measures, with the Dutch Skating Federation declaring that it would go against the empty stands in the coming weeks.

“It is more than frustrating to see that the government does not seem to be looking at the sources of infection. It cannot be returned to football stadiums and it has been prepared several times. Still, it is the audience that has to pay the price. This is it. similar to political poverty, ”the football association wrote in a press release Friday morning.

Around 2,000 Norwegians are said to have bought a ticket to the visitor’s section in Rotterdam for Tuesday’s match.

– It’s incredibly boring. After the crown year that it has been, it is not entirely surprising. Of course he had to come now … It is incredibly bitter, but there is little we can do about it. It’s a journey we’ve been waiting for a long time, he said. Volda’s student Erik Kristoffer Jørgensen to VG on Friday morning.

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