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Probably ruin your dream experience: – Unbelievably sour

Around 2,000 Norwegians have tickets to the possible group final between the Netherlands and Norway on Tuesday. Now it looks like more Norwegian fans will have their Rotterdam experience ruined.

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– It’s incredibly boring. After the crown year that it has been, it is not entirely surprising. Of course he had to come now … It is incredibly bitter, but there is little we can do about it. It’s a journey we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, Volda student Erik Kristoffer Jørgensen tells VG.

On Tuesday, Norway will play a potentially crucial match in the World Cup qualifiers when the Netherlands are the opponent of the venerable De Kuip, who takes 50,000, in Rotterdam.

You can find a full description of how Norway reaches a long-awaited World Cup here:

But due to the high infection pressure in the country, there are new crown measures, closure and subsequent empty places in the battle for Norway’s fate., according to Dutch press reports.

Jørgensen has planned to travel to the match with nine others. They are desperate for news from the Netherlands. On Friday morning, he and his friends discuss what they want to do.

– The match was the highlight. Hopefully it’s a pure group final. The plan is probably that we still go down, then we will see a little bit of information to come tonight. We continue to focus on getting the most out of it, says Jørgensen.

The final decision will probably be made at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will hold a press conference on the new crown measures.

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VGTV profile Erik Follestad was also going to Rotterdam with three friends interested in football.

– We were going to fly on Tuesday morning, catch the train to Rotterdam, look for the Rune Tribune, have a few beers and get in the mood. But now it seems dark, says Follestad.

Now he, like many other Norwegians willing to travel, should probably sit in front of the television.

– Of course it’s a bit heavy. Here he had the opportunity to experience something historic. I love watching live sports, and it won’t be much bigger than Norway versus the Netherlands in a match where you can secure a place in the World Cup, he says, adding:

– It’s been pretty open for a while, and you’ve probably gotten used to it a bit again. It would have been great, but I’m not very surprised, I know. In the last year and a half, there have been a number of awkward messages, and you have to live with it.

Jørgen Kjos is among those who have planned a trip to Rotterdam. He and a group of eight friends booked the trip to Holland in October when they thought it looked promising for Norway. He says they imagined this could be a “where were you then” moment.

– One expected to witness a potentially great sporting moment. And then we really wanted to be in the stadium with 50,000 people.

– So now we are a disappointed gang, but understood, says Kjos.

Now it will probably be plan B: watch the game together on television.

– It does not make sense to go down if the Netherlands is in a “lockdown”. But it serves as a reminder that you still need to be careful, that you are not done with the pandemic, even if things are open.

The Norwegian Football Association plans to take about 60 sponsors and partners on trips.

– At the moment, we only relate to the notice that we have read in the media that a message will arrive at 19 tonight. For us, this is sad if the game is to be played without spectators. We have 60 partners and sponsors who have planned a trip, and we know that around 2000 tickets have been sold with Norway’s share. There are many who may be affected by this, Pål Bjerketvedt, general secretary of the Norwegian Football Association, told VG on Friday morning.

Bjerketvedt talks about the curiosity of Norwegians who have planned a trip.

– We keep in touch with the groups that are going down. We are still waiting for the stands to fill, he says.

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