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Danish politicians propose to voters on Tinder. – Leave the single date alone, says Tybring-Gjedde

In Denmark, politicians do their best to get in touch with potential voters. Now more can be found on dating apps like Tinder and Happn. What do Norwegian politicians think about the method?

Conservative Party Parliamentary Representative Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde doesn’t think Tinder is the right setting for politicians looking for voters.

“Maybe I’m here to look for voices, maybe I’m here to look for something else.”

This is what Danish Cille Hald Egholm writes on her Tinder profile.

There are only a few days left for local elections in the country on November 16. Egholm, 22, is running for the first time for the Liberal Party in Copenhagen.

She is one of several politicians who moved the vote to the dating app Tinder.

Swipe to the right from the left

– Everyone knows that you win the elections digitally, so I have tried to think about where you can find young voters. So dating apps seemed like a very good idea to me, because young people are there and you don’t pay money to have a profile, says Egholm. Denmark radio.

And she is not the only one now moving to the right to get more votes for the Liberal Party.

“Am I your future” man “in Copenhagen?” asks his party colleague Daniel Askbo (40) on his Tinder. Then he lists his heart problems in this year’s election.

Askbo tells DR that he tries to reach as many potential voters as possible. Interest has not been long in coming, and has received a multitude of messages from both men and women.

– I am kindly writing to those with whom I agree that “thank you for knowing my political profile” or “thank you for showing interest”. But right after that I write what the purpose of my profile is, so as not to shed tears in people’s eyes, says Askbo, who himself has a girlfriend.

Will not use Tinder for dating voters

Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde (H) says she understands why some politicians try their luck with Tinder.

– Basically, I think all the attempts to reach the voters with your message are funny. And it is a problem that fewer and fewer young people are involved in politics. So I well understand that young Danish municipal politicians have tried to think outside the box. Is creative!

But the parliamentary representative still doesn’t fully agree that Tinder and Happn are the right place to collect votes.

– It can be exhausting enough being single on Tinder if you don’t risk being tricked into matching a person who just wants your ballot. Let single people go out in peace, I think, he says with a smile.

For Tybring-Gjedde, it is not relevant to slide to the right to collect votes for the Conservatives.

– Taking into account that I have a partner, it would also have been a double deception, he adds.

Nice to politicians on dating apps

– It is good with all kinds of electoral campaigns that connect more politicians and people. I think it’s good that politicians come to Tinder to talk to voters.

This is what Senterungdommen leader Torleik Svelle says. He is concerned that it is easy for people to get in touch with politicians.

– We would rather have it near Tinder, where people can speak directly to politicians, than politicians sit in a black suit and drive a helicopter, to make things a little nervous, he says.

Svelle is still divided on whether he wants to try it himself:

– Haha, njaaaaa, doubt, before continuing:

– I’m probably not a Tinder king. It is very important for us in the Center Party to talk to people and be where things happen. Public gatherings with coffee may be closer to me than meeting people on Tinder, but I’m open to others on Senterungdommen being able to use Tinder.

Swell believes that there is something that dating apps will never get over.

– I think Tinder and Tiktok are good supplements, but they can probably never replace the physical encounter. The most important thing is to meet people face to face, for example over a coffee or a meatball dinner. It’s more important than a little chat, he says.

Svelle doesn’t think there is a danger that someone might be disappointed that an interested party is just a politician on the hunt.

– I’m not on Tinder, but I have the impression that on Tinder you send both the one and the other signal. “I don’t think people feel the great pain of love from a sweep of Tinder,” he laughs.

Torleik Svelle, leader of the Senterungdommen, believes that Tinder is a good way to get in touch with potential voters.

Evenly before the elections

In Denmark, it is now very even between parties in the run-up to Tuesday’s elections. There is great anticipation for the outcome, and it is now quite similar between what the Danes call the red and blue block.

In recent weeks, the left, which is known as the red bloc, has seen a decline. In October, opinion polls showed that the right wing, the blue bloc, had a 0.8 percent advantage of the vote.

But now a new poll shows that the red bloc, led by the ruling Socialdemokratiet (S) party, wins a narrow majority with 50.2 percent of the vote. Writes Danish TV 2.

The government, and especially Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S), has recently received much criticism from the opposition. The background is that it has emerged that Frederiksen removed text messages from the days before the government decided to kill all minks in the country in November last year.

However, the Social Democrats enjoy great sympathy in Denmark. 24.8 percent of respondents say they want to vote for the Social Democrats, writes Danish TV 2.

Tinder blocked the profile

After more than 900 matches on Tinder, it stopped for Danish Cille Hald Egholm.

– I started swiping and it worked great. Maybe a little too good, because Tinder ended up blocking my profile, he says.

Now the 22-year-old has switched to Happn, which is another popular dating app.

The young politician has not only received positive comments about the tactics. Several have argued that Egholm uses her appearance to deceive those who want to date her.

But even Egholm does not rule out that there may be something else:

– I’m single so this is a fun way to meet people. I don’t want to rule out that I’ll go on a date later, he says.

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