Sunday, November 28

Ary Abittan indicted for rape: the personality of the actor will be the subject of psychological expertises

On October 31, actor Ary Abittan was taken into police custody following a rape complaint. The actor was then indicted and placed under judicial supervision. The investigations are not finished. According to the French media Le Parisien, the personality of Ary Abittan would be at the heart of this investigation.

The facts date back to the end of October. On October 31, actor Ary Abittan was the subject of a rape complaint. The day before, in the evening of Saturday, a young woman with whom he maintains intimate relations accuses him of having imposed on him sexual practices to which she would not have consented.

On Sunday October 31, the actor was therefore arrested and placed in custody in Paris. After 48 hours in police custody, Ary Abittan was then indicted for rape and placed under judicial supervision. According to The Parisian, the investigations are far from over: the investigation is still ongoing and it now seems that the personality of the actor is at the heart of it. Also according to the French media, the young woman at the origin of the complaint would indeed have entrusted some relatives with details of their sexual antics, and in particular on the “domineering side” of the actor during these.

The Parisian adds that other women have also denounced the inappropriate behavior of Ary Abittan on certain sets. Psychological expertise will thus be put in place in order to understand the personality of the actor. Some of his connections will also be auditioned to learn more about “the springs of (the) sexuality” by Ary Abittan. Interviewed by The Parisian, the actor’s lawyer declined to comment and simply said: “The best way to respect the victim’s word is to keep quiet. That’s what my client has been doing from the start.”

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