Thursday, December 9

Bar stop, no visits or home office. What measures were worst?

Last year, the Christmas table was canceled. Fitness center you could just forget. Here are the measures we took least Price on.

In March last year, Oslo Plaza had to be closed. The staff was laid off. The hotel manager still chose to send a message of love in difficult times.

Since March last year, Norway has been through long periods of a closed society. The measures against the coronavirus have been demanding for many.

Elderly people were suddenly isolated without their families. Children had to follow the lessons from a computer screen. Traveling abroad was out of the question.

But which measures have been most intrusive? The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) would find the answer to that.

Now 13,000 Norwegians have given their opinion.

The answers differ. People in the capital reacted differently than those in the rest of the country. The elderly had different concerns than the young.

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