Thursday, December 9

Burkina: injured during demonstrations against a French military convoy

(Belga) At least four people were injured on Saturday in Kaya, the main town in north-central Burkina Faso, where demonstrators have been opposing since Thursday the passage of a large logistics convoy of the French army, in transit to the Neighboring Niger, we learned from local and hospital sources.

“This morning, the tension escalated between the demonstrators and the soldiers of the French army who spent the night, on a vacant lot. As demonstrators tried to approach the perimeter, the soldiers proceeded. warning shots, “a local source attached to Kaya told AFP, referring to” gunshot wounds “” Four people with gunshot wounds were received in the emergency departments of the Kaya regional hospital “, said for its part a hospital source, specifying that the “vital prognosis of patients is not at stake”. The state daily Sidwaya reported on Saturday evening “three injured as a result of warning shots”, specifying that one of them “received a bullet in the cheek”. AFP could not determine the origin of the bullets, the French and Burkinabe soldiers having all fired warning shots to disperse the demonstrators according to corroborating sources. “A group of demonstrators tried to cut the fence to get into the grip and the Burkinabè gendarmes fired tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd. French soldiers fired a few warning shots above the crowd,” said a source from the French general staff. “There are no casualties due to the action of the French soldiers. We do not know of any casualties, even following the tear gas canisters”, according to the same source which assures that “negotiations are underway between the Burkinabè authorities and the demonstrators “. From the Ivory Coast and bound for Niger, the advance of the logistics convoy of the French army had already been blocked Wednesday and Thursday by demonstrators in Bobo Dioulasso (west), then in the capital Ouagadougou where the forces Burkinabé security officers had to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. This “convoy of sixty trucks and a hundred French soldiers who left Abidjan heading for Niamey then Gao” is “not a convoy to transport weapons to the jihadists, as we can read on networks social “, underlined the French general staff. (Belga)

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