Thursday, December 9

Chelsea fortified the top of the table with a strong away win

(Leicester – Chelsea 0-3) Thomas Tuchel and the Chelsea train continue to flow in the Premier League. Now the London club has not lost in the league since 25 September.

Christian Pulisic came in and scored on the scoresheet.

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Antonio Rüdiger, N’Golo Kanté and Christian Pulisic ensured that the undefeated series continued.

– This was impressive from start to finish, summed up TV 2 commentator Peder Mørtvedt full time.

The first half was characterized by a comfortable and superior Chelsea team, which with Rüdiger’s and Kanté’s online acquaintances could take 2-0 with them until the break.

N’Golo Kanté scored the second goal of the match against his former teammates.

At half time, Brendan Rodgers saw himself forced to take several tactical steps, without it seeming to give the whole world an effect.

Instead, Chelsea and Callum Hudson-Odoi looked life-threatening whenever the opportunity arose. Hudson-Odoi, who have now had a number of games from the start due to injuries in the team, were close to setting the day’s third when the hour had passed. However, the margins were with the home team in that situation.

Jamie Vardy had the mother of all chances to send Leicester back into the game five minutes later, but the top scorer unbelievably failed to get the header from five yards between the posts.

It was the biggest opportunity the hosts were able to create on the league leaders.

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At the opposite end, the guests continued to be dangerous. First came substitute Christian Pulisic with a scare shot, then came the count. 71 minutes had been played when the American got the ball after an eminent preparation from Hakim Ziyech, and poked in 3-0 – between the legs of Kasper Schmeichel.

It was the last counting goal of the match, but far from the last time the ball sang in the net.

The minute after 3-0, Hudson-Odoi had a goal canceled, before both Christian Pulisic and Reece James also felt the wrath of the flag. All three scores seemed to be disallowed on the right basis.

No more happened at King Power Stadium. The Chelsea victory ensures that the club now tops the table with 29 points.

A sliver of joy for the Chelsea supporters was the sight of Jorginho who had to go out with an injury with the quarterback playing again. The extent of the damage is not yet known.

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