Sunday, November 28

China: he misses his studies, does not dare to admit it to his parents and disappears for 16 years

On November 16, the almost 40-year-old Chinese man finally reunited with his parents in Xi’an, located in Shaanxi province. Wang had disappeared from their lives for 16 long years after failing college.

In a video shared on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, Wang stands in front of his mother whom he had not seen since 2005. Through his sobs, he apologizes and falls to his knees, while she tries to pick him up to hug him in her arms, accompanied by her husband alongside.

Too ashamed of his failure in college, Wang had failed to tell his parents. As reported News 24, the Xi’an customs authority explains that Wang was one of the best students in his high school in 2001. He was therefore able to continue his studies at Chang’an University, which is one of the top 100 universities according to the Chinese government.

However, Wang had become addicted to video games, which caused him to drop out of school. Thus from 2005, the young man who now lived more than ten hours’ drive from his parents, had ceased all contact with them. He then did odd jobs to get by.

It was during the renewal of his identity card with the local government office that Wang was identified. Being on the list of missing persons, the authorities were able to report it to his family who live in Shandong province, in eastern China. His dad, moreover let know to a Chinese media, that he never stopped looking for his son and that he went to Xi’an at least twice a year in the hope of finding him.

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