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Christmas 2021: the best cookbooks to give away

The French did not wait to be confined to start cooking. Today it is a real passion that is shared with the family. And to give yourself ideas, there is no shortage of books. Here are a few that will make people happy at Christmas.

Philippe Etchebest

Famous for his participation in television shows, Michelin-starred chef and MOF Philippe Etchebest has just published a new cookbook. He details his approach where everything is a question of method: by optimizing your cupboards, by organizing your shopping, you can be more efficient. The chef, who has nearly a million followers on Instagram, insists on choosing products that will make all the difference.

Cook well accompanied with my Mentor method, Philippe Etchebest, Albin Michel, € 19.90

Michel sarran


The famous two-starred Toulouse chef has tackled the daily recipes of the French. With Marmiton, he revisits in a most popular work like a crème brûlée that he twists with violet.

A Chef in my Kitchen, Marmiton invites Michel Sarran, Éditions Michel Lafon, € 24.95

David Gallienne


Top Chef 2020 winner David Gallienne publishes his first book which is organized according to the seasons. The chef unveils his achievements there, some of which still seem beyond the reach of the amateur cook. Between two recipes, a tribute is paid to the favorite producers of the Michelin-starred chef from the Jardin des plumes. The book has a double preface: Hélène Darroze and Eric Guérin.

Nature, from the earth to the plate, David Gallienne, Solar, € 29.95

Ferrandi – Paris


After a first book devoted to vegetables, the mythical Ferrandi school unveils all its techniques to sublimate the fruit. Hollow out a melon, cut zest, cut a mango… Very useful little gestures that classic books overlook. The book details in a second part recipes for all levels. Indispensable for stove perfectionists.

Fruits, Ferrandi-Paris, Flammarion, € 29.90

Amandine Chaignot


When she’s not busy in the kitchens of her restaurants, Amandine Chaignot is in the countryside. This is where she draws her inspiration to design her small dishes. In her book “La cuisine nature”, she compiles simple (chocolate tart) and sophisticated (oysters with green tomato) recipes, always following the rhythm of the seasons.

Organized in season, journal of a chef in the countryside, Amandine Chaignot, Editions Solar, € 29.95

Wolf Victory


Victoire Loup has compiled the 500 best products that a gourmet must have tasted once in his life. From pasta to jams through spices, she peeled everything to establish that only the cream is kept. Between the classic arranged butters of Bordier and the chocolates of Patrick Roger we discover some surprises such as lobster oil or crunchy Anana salt.

Régalades, Victoire Loup, Editions Hachette Cuisine, € 35

Pierre Faudot dit Bel


Against the tide of industrial sodas and their artificial flavors, Pierre Faudot dit Bel, wants to be the champion of ancestral and natural drinks resulting from polyfermentation. This doctor in organic chemistry from the Ecole Polytechnique unveils to his readers a series of recipes to make at home, starting with those of two beverages that are on the rise: kefir and kombucha.

Kefir & Kombucha, Pierre Faudot dit Bel, Uqbar / Brasserie de l’Être, € 19

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