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Competition. Miss France 2022: after the hike, the jersey test

“Was it a school bell? I thought there was a fire. I got up suddenly. It was violent this morning.” Miss Midi-Pyrénées is struggling to recover. After an almost sleepless night on the plane, the fire alarm-style alarm clock knocked a few Misses out of bed on Friday. “Me, I heard nothing” sighs Miss Poitou-Charentes, hidden behind her dark glasses, who ends up falling asleep in the bus. On the other hand, it’s impossible to take a nudge for Miss Franche-Comté, who smiles like a little girl in a candy store. One row behind, Miss Burgundy has the head of the bad days. “Cold” she apologizes.

Four hour climb

They are nine candidates (out of 29) for Miss France 2022 to have been chosen for a hike in the circus of Mafate, one of the jewels of Reunion Island, where they spend their stay in preparation for the competition. On the road that takes them to the heights of Saint-Paul, they only know that they are going to climb a path and sleep there, in a dormitory. The locals make the climb in an hour, the tourists in a little more than two. And the girls ? With the breaks to take pictures, it will be more like four … Not to mention the 20 minutes rattling standing in the bucket of a pick-up to cross the river of pebbles, at 2 pm, under 30 degrees.

“We were in the jungle so I think we’ll be fine”

Not enough to scare Julie, 21, Miss Franche-Comté, who warned us: “Two years ago, I did a two-week humanitarian mission with an association in Indonesia. We were in the jungle, so I think it will be fine “. On the other hand, after the ascent, Miss Burgundy admits having been “in trouble” on the course. All along, her friends gave “Go Bou Bou!” to motivate her and reach Aurère: “It is thanks to your encouragement, alone, I will not have made it”. As a bonus, she is no longer sick: “I feel better, this effort healed me”.

“Oh, we hear the bees”

At the entrance of the village of a hundred inhabitants, perched at an altitude of nearly 1000 m, three little girls, including twins of almost 5 years old, run in front of the Misses. It is not every day that we see it in real life! A drone hums in the sky and immortalizes the scene. “Oh, we hear the bees” marvels one of them, without laughing. Fatigue, surely. It’s time to take a shower and sit down to eat. As a companion, Amandine Petit, the current Miss France, takes up residence to get a makeover. She will quickly change rooms: an enormous tropical spider, called a “babouk”, has invited herself inside … And when it comes to eating, another appears when she pulls the chair to sit down.

Five minutes by helicopter

“There are a lot of them, but they are not mean, they do not bite” try to reassure the guides. Too late. Some candidates will not sleep at night. Others are too excited to sleep. They learned that the next day they were going down in a helicopter! In the end, the flight lasted only five minutes, but they don’t have one to lose: they are expected for the catwalk lesson, followed by the famous group photo in swimsuits. Who will stand out and get everyone to agree? Answer tomorrow.

Election of “Miss France 2022”, Saturday December 11 from 9:05 pm, on TF1.

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