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Ebba Andersson newly in love: – He makes me happy

Before the start of the season, the Swedish ski star Ebba Andersson (24) reveals that she is in love with a Swedish cross-country skiing colleague.

HAPPY IN SNOW: A radiantly gentle Ebba Andersson met the Swedish press in front of the Swedish cross-country opening in Gällivare.

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– He makes me happy, as you probably notice, says Ebba Andersson and laughs Expressen.

The girlfriend’s name is Gustaf Berglund (23). He joins the Swedish recruiting national team. On Friday, he finished second in the sprint prologue, but finished in 8th place in the sprint race in the Swedish cross-country opening in Gällivare.

– She means a lot to me and is a fantastic girl, Berglund says to Expressen.

WENT FAST: Gustaf Berglund was number eight in the sprint during the Swedish cross-country opening. Here during a race in Bruksvallarne last year.

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Andersson has been one of Sweden’s best cross-country skiers for a number of years. She made her debut at the World Ski Championships in Lahti as a 19-year-old in 2017 and came home with World Cup silver in relay. In Obertsdorf, she took two World Cup silvers last season.

She reveals that they started dating this fall.

– So it is still very fresh, says Andersson, who will make his season debut on Saturday.

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Andersson has 24 podium places in the World Cup, one victory. Together with Frida Karlsson (22), she is two of Sweden’s biggest gold hopes ahead of the Olympics in Beijing. Karlsson also found his girlfriend in the cross-country environment. She has been with William Poromaa (20) for several years.

Blown away

While the national cross-country opening with sprint blew away at Beitostølen on Friday, there was drama during the Swedish opening. Jonna Sundling (26), who became double world champion last winter, had to go to hospital after crashing in the sprint quarterfinals during the Swedish ship premiere.

– Jonna is a bit in shock and sad. She had a sore thumb, but it is too early to say what has happened, Sweden’s national team manager Joakim Abrahamsson told SVT.

After a medical check, it turned out that she had not sustained any fractures.

At Beitostølen, the stadium will be cleaned on Friday night in an attempt to get the tracks ready for the 10 and 15 kilometers on Saturday.

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