Sunday, November 28

Gender-based and sexual violence: strong mobilization this Saturday in the street

“Violence is not inevitable”: defenders of women’s rights mobilized this Saturday, November 20, in the streets of Paris and many cities in France, to say “stop” to gender-based and sexual violence, and ” demand public policies to match ”against this scourge.

Two years after the “Grenelle” against domestic violence, “impunity must end. Equality education must become a priority, ”hammered the call for demonstrations, carried by the feminist collective #NousToutes and about sixty associations, unions and political parties.

In Paris, the demonstration started from Place de la République towards Nation behind a #NousToutes banner proclaiming “stop gender-based and sexual violence”, began to disperse around 5:00 p.m., noted an AFP journalist. It brought together 50,000 people according to the organizers, 18,000 according to the police headquarters, or half less than two years ago (100,000 according to the organizers, 35,000 according to the police).

Strong commitments

Other gatherings were scheduled across France between Saturday and November 25, international day against violence against women. In Rouen, a hundred people marched on Saturday, according to the regional press, while waiting for a night march Thursday on the theme “let’s take to the streets at night!”

“Violence is not inevitable, it can stop,” assured journalists Marylie Breuil, of the #NousToutes collective, for whom “there is a huge gap between the mobilization of society and the commitment of politicians”. She said she expected presidential candidates “to make strong commitments in terms of prevention”.

In France, some 220,000 women are victims of violence and 94,000 are raped each year, notes #NousToutes. Since January 1, 101 women have been killed by their spouses, according to the count of the collective “Feminicides by companion or ex”. For the whole of 2020, the figure had reached 102 feminicides and 146 in 2019, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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