Sunday, November 28

Georgia: incarcerated former president Mikheil Saakchvilii stops hunger strike after 50 days

In critical condition. Former Georgian president and opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili ended his 50-day hunger strike in detention on Saturday, November 20, after being transferred to a military hospital.

“He is still in critical condition and has been placed in an intensive care unit,” announced his personal doctor, specifying that the opponent would resume “eating later in the day on Saturday”.

The former Georgian president (2004-2013) had stopped eating on October 1 to protest against his imprisonment on his return to Tbilisi after years of exile in Ukraine. On Thursday, he had passed out during a meeting with his lawyers.

The Georgian authorities initially rejected the doctors’ recommendations to hospitalize him in a civilian establishment, before changing your tone on Friday and transferring him overnight to a military hospital.

Thousands of supporters of Mr Saakashvili, 53, took to the streets on Friday night in the capital Tbilisi to demand guarantees of adequate medical assistance for the former leader of the Caucasus country, currently considered the leader of the opposition.

“Illegal imprisonment”

“I will never accept my illegal imprisonment,” President Saakashvili said on Facebook on Friday evening, adding that he was ready to “appear before a fair trial and accept any verdict he delivers.”

In 2018, Saakashvili was sentenced in absentia to six years in prison for “abuse of power,” accusations he said were fabricated and politically motivated.

Pro-Western president from 2004 to 2013 and now considered the leader of the opposition, Saakashvili returned to Georgia on October 1 after an eight-year exile. Immediately arrested, he was imprisoned under his conviction for “abuse of power”, which he considers to be purely political.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili caused a scandal by declaring that former President Saakashvili “had the right to commit suicide” and that the government had been forced to arrest him because he refused to give up politics.

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