Thursday, December 9

India: at least 30 dead or missing in floods

In a street of Chennai, November 11, 2021 Arun SANKAR

At least 30 people have died or are missing as a result of flash floods in southern India, media reported on Saturday, which reported three buses washed away.

Rescue workers brought out a dozen bodies after three buses were washed away in the coastal state of Andhra Pradesh on Friday.

At least 18 other people are still missing, according to the news website The NewsMinute.

The increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather conditions that have plagued southern Asia in recent years are caused by climate change and exacerbated by deforestation, dam construction and over-development, experts say.

Dozens of people have died since October in India in floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall, and meteorologists announced heavy precipitation on Saturday in several parts of the south of the country.

At least 42 people were killed last month in heavy rains that hit Kerala.

On Friday, the state authorities banned access to the Sabarimala temple, one of Hinduism’s holiest shrines, due to heavy rains.

Since last week, hundreds of devotees have come to Sabarimala every day as part of an annual pilgrimage that lasts two months.

Rising waters of the sacred Pamba River forced authorities to ban worshipers from going there for one day, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported on Saturday.

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