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Iversen’s brutal Tønseth verdict: I think the Olympics slipped after the first race

BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Didrik Tønseth (30) spent almost one minute more than Emil Iversen (30) on the 15 kilometers in the season opener. Thus, Iversen more or less takes the life of Tønseth’s Olympic dream.

FAR BEHIND: Didrik Tønseth finished ninth in the 15-kilometer classic during the national cross-country opening.

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Tønseth was wrecked from the national team this spring. He has since bet on his own. On Saturday, he finished ninth in the 15-kilometer classic, which is the Olympic distance. He was one minute and 13 seconds behind Holund who won ahead of Emil Iversen, who hoped that the Trøndelag friend would deliver.

– Under par. Unfortunately. I had faith. I know Didrik has done everything in his power to try and make it happen, says Iversen in the press zone after the race.

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Adresseavisen asks what Iversen thinks about the Olympic place for Tønseth now.

– It’s probably over already. Not far from. It is tough to get there outside the national team, says Iversen.

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PALLEN: Emil Iversen (left) was second in the 15-kilometer that Hans Christer Holund won. Håvard Moseby came in third.

Tønseth joined the relay team that won Olympic gold in Pyeongchang almost four years ago. Iversen is the reigning world champion at five miles. He feels sorry for Tønseth who got off to a bad start. He believes the Trøndelag man is far from a place in the World Cup opening in Ruka next weekend.

– It’s too bad. A good ski race, but far below par considering what he has to deliver, Iversen says to VG.

Tønseth was naturally very disappointed on Saturday afternoon.

– It was my chance today, and I could not take that chance, Tønseth told Adressa after the race.

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National team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum will not take from Tønseth all Olympic hopes after just one ski race.

– It does not make the chance for Ruka easier. It was a bit of a near-race. He walks smoothly, but a little too late all the way, Nossum says to VG.

Root in confusion

While Holund and Iversen could enjoy a start to the season on the podium together with the surprise Håvard Moseby, Sjur Røthe had to break.

– The body does not work. It was not a good feeling. I have to find out what it is. It was not nice to go cross-country skiing, says Røthe to VG.

– Worried?

– I must honestly admit I’m a little confused now. I do not know exactly what it is, Røthe answers.

Saturday’s winner Hans Christer Holund does not put much emphasis on the results in the opening races.

– In general, these are not the most important races, but it is important to get off to a good start. But it turns out year after year that you need a drive-through. The first race is always a bit of bingo, says Holund.

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