Saturday, December 4

Orelsan: fans praise his album “Civilization” on social networks

It is the musical event of the end of the year. After the success of his documentary series “Never show that to anyone”, Orelsan’s album “Civilization”, just released, is already showing phenomenal results.

With its explosive lyrics and sensational music video, the political title “The smell of gasoline”, the first single from the album, had already largely seduced. It is around the eagerly awaited “Civilization” to provoke strong reactions. Released this Friday, November 19, Orelsan’s new opus is already enchanting Internet users.

In terms of numbers, the results are impressive. Long before its digital and physical release, Aurélien Cotentin’s fourth album had already reached 50,000 sales. Now, more than 30,000 copies have passed in less than 24 hours.

The “Civilization” album also has 10.3 million streams on Spotify France.

After 4 years of absence, the rapper, who recognizes in the columns of Release feeling concerned by others and by society is a sign of a flamboyant comeback.

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