Sunday, November 28

Paris. Two arrests among the yellow vests after a tag against Macron and the police prefect

Two people present at the Parisian rally of yellow vests were arrested on Saturday because of an offensive tag on a van featuring Emmanuel Macron, the prefect of police and US President Joe Biden.

“It is the owner of the vehicle and the driver,” said the police headquarters. The prefect of police Didier Lallement decided to file a complaint.

The three-year anniversary of the movement

Surmounted by the inscription “La sodomie en marche” with the French flag and sheep in the background, the tag features Joe Biden manipulating like a puppet the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who sodomizes the prefect of police.

It was carried out on a side face of the van, a pink food truck regularly present on the gatherings of yellow vests, which celebrate their third anniversary on Saturday.

The vehicle was no longer present at midday at Bercy, in the east of the capital, the starting point of the Parisian procession which gathered around 200 people.

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