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Politics: Semrush notes an astonishing crossing of the curves of the 2022 Presidential candidates!

Presidential : the breakthrough of the lesser-known candidates on the web

The 2022 presidential candidates continue to declare themselves one after the other and judge each other by polls. It is in this context that Semrush , a digital marketing specialist, analyzed the candidates’ online reputation. If Emmanuel Macron is the most sought after, Eric Zemmour made the most remarkable breakthrough.

Methodology : for each keyword, Semrush counts searches in line made on durant lyear 2021, beforeestablish a monthly average.

Emmanuel Macron at the top of Google searches

In 2021, Emmanuel Macron is the most searched presidential candidate with 1,547,769 monthly searches on on average. This notoriety is naturally explained by his status as President of the Republic at the heart of politics and current affairs.

He is followed by the polemicist Eric Zemmour (675.538), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (297.200) and Marine Le Pen (250.423): on Google, candidates from parties on the edge of the political spectrum seem to benefit from a bonus!

On the right, we find Xavier Bertrand (158.731) in 5th position, far ahead of the second Republican Valerie Pécresse (64.615) in 7th position.

To the left, Anne Hidalgo (103.838) clearly ahead Yannick Jadot (32.500)

But the curves are crossing in recent months

When you look at the numbers in a dynamic approach, they tell a different story. Emmanuel Macron, which is at the top of searches over the period 2020-2021, comes in 3rd place in September 2021, with -18% of searches over the period! Conversely, Eric Zemmour garners more searches on Google than the entire panel combined with 4,070,000 searches in September, and + 1,561% over one year.

Politics: Semrush notes an astonishing crossing of the curves of the 2022 Presidential candidates!  Evolut10

New applicants saw the biggest increases in the number of searches over the period. Michel barnier (+ 814%), a seasoned politician who notably led the European negotiations with the United Kingdom for Brexit, thus sees the largest increase … in particular because he was so far very little known. Three other Republicans have seen more research, Valerie Pécresse (+511%), Eric Ciotti (+ 234%) and Xavier Bertrand (+ 232%). Well-known personalities, but who are more interested in this period of primary school. Conversely, Philippe Juvin (+ 50%) does not print.

On the left, we see similar breakthroughs for Yannick Jadot (+ 307%) and Anne Hidalgo (+276%)

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Politics: Semrush notes an astonishing crossing of the curves of the 2022 Presidential candidates!  Semrus10

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