Saturday, December 4

Presidential election. LR candidates passed their grand oral in front of the party’s “parliament”

The five candidates for the LR nomination for the presidential election met on Saturday in front of the National Council of Republicans, a sort of party parliament, to defend their program there ten days before Congress which will appoint their candidate.

On the stage of the Palais des Congrès in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, Philippe Juvin and Eric Ciotti took a family photo before presenting their program.

If they had already followed the parliamentary days of Nîmes at the beginning of September, this great oral is “the only time when all the candidates are gathered to answer directly to those who will make their campaign then”, underlined the number 2 of the party, Annie Genevard.

“Complementary” to televised debates

An exercise “very different but completely complementary” to the televised debates, which have especially privileged the regal and the purchasing power until now. “What a shame not to talk about issues of health, culture, or education,” added Ms. Genevard on the eve of the third debate on Cnews.

“We talk about it a lot because they are the most serious subjects”, “prerequisites” to a newfound security allowing “to start reconstruction very quickly on other subjects” such as work, education, health or pensions, said Michel Barnier. , first to go on the grill.

Your calm, measured flow behind his desk, the one that promises “seriousness” and has long been given as the favorite of this congress is committed to keeping a “clear course” around three major priorities: “authority shock” , stop immigration, and serious budget.

Macron “the gravedigger”

Castigating a “solitary management of power, arrogant, sometimes contemptuous” of Emmanuel Macron, he promised to do only “one mandate” in a speech riddled with references to Laurent Wauquiez.
Xavier Bertrand, who succeeded him in a pugnacious and energetic manner, castigated “the gravedigger” Emmanuel Macron and “the vultures” of the extreme right.

Quickly leaving the desk to walk the podium, in the “stand-up” way that he favors in public meetings, the one who has just taken back his card at LR – he had left the party in 2017 – hammered his loyalty to his “ political family ”whose“ survival is at stake ”in 2022.

Repeating that “the reestablishment of authority is a prerequisite for a simpler, liberated society”, he unfolded to full applause the three pillars of his program: authority, territories and work. “If I win this congress, I will win this presidential election,” assured Xavier Bertrand, who is slightly ahead of his rivals in the polls.

Valérie Pécresse, speaking after lunch, said she was “totally, entirely, viscerally determined”, in a very critical speech towards Emmanuel Macronn who “burned the fund” and “made a hold-up on our ideas”.

Combative, also surveying the scene, she highlighted her experience at the head of Ile-de-France “against the adversaries of the Republic” and assured that “we are not condemned to either the great downgrading or the great replacement “.

To “restore French pride” it has rolled out an orderly program where “current immigration must be stopped”. In a speech hailed by “Valérie, Valérie! “, She also promised that her two main causes would be” the fight against medical desertification “and” against dropping out of school “.

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