Thursday, December 9

Puy de Dome. In this village, the inhabitants voted to keep the bells at night

The bells will not stop: the inhabitants of Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dôme) have voted to keep the ringing of the church bells at night.

Each household in Boisséjour, a district of the town of more than 6,000 inhabitants located at the gates of Clermont-Ferrand, was invited to participate until Friday in a citizen consultation to decide whether the church bells should be updated. ‘stop between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

To the question “Are you in favor of stopping the church bells at night?” “, 91 households answered” no “and 32” yes “, indicated the mayor Anne-Marie Picard, specifying that a void ballot had been identified.

Complaint from a new resident

“The bells will continue to ring. The town hall has nothing to do, it is the continuity of what existed before “, she said, adding that otherwise, the town hall would have taken a decree to stop the bells.

The count was carried out in the presence of a bailiff to avoid any dispute.

The affair had started in the spring with the complaint of a new inhabitant who said he was inconvenienced by the ringing of bells every half hour, night and day.

The man had estimated the total number of rings at 600, counting the angelus at 7 a.m., noon and 7 p.m., and also denounced their sound level.

He had started a petition asking for the bells to be stopped at night, but another petition had collected around 300 signatures for their maintenance.

Precedents in recent years

Several cases concerning the denunciations of nuisances in the rural world have been publicized in recent years.

A law passed in January protects the sounds and smells characterizing natural spaces and allows them to be included in the common heritage of the Nation.

The Maurice rooster has passed into posterity after being in 2019 at the center of a legal dispute, launched by neighbors who complained about his morning cocorico. Justice had finally authorized the rooster to continue crowing.

He died of illness the following year, his owner praising “an emblem, a symbol of rurality, a hero”.

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