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Sky Sports: Solskjær’s future unclear after Saturday’s board meeting

(Watford – Manchester United 4-1) The pressure is enormous against Ole Gunnar Solskjær (48) and Manchester United, but after a digital board meeting on Saturday night, the situation will still be unclear.

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Sky Sports, who has the Premier League rights in England, reports that Solskjær’s future has not been decided after the extraordinary board meeting on Saturday night.

beIN Sports, which also manages Premier League rights in a number of countries, reports that Solskjær still has the job, but that Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is wanted as the Norwegian’s replacement.

Manchester Evening News writes that “many of the players” reckon that Solskjær will be fired without naming which players are in question.

– I work for and with the club. I have been here for 18 years and have a good communication. If the club management is considering doing something, then it is a conversation between us and not between you and me, Solskjær told the press after the fight about his future according to BBC on questions about his job future.

The reactions flow in after that Manchester United lost for the fifth time in the last seven Premier League matches. After 12 games, the distance up to league leader Chelsea is 12 points.

Miserable FORM: Ole Gunnar Solskjær and some of the players remained on the grass after the fifth loss in seven league games.

When the referee blew off after the 1-4 loss against Watford, Solskjær went out on the grass with several of the players. When the fans expressed rage against Solskjær, midfield star Bruno Fernandes clearly gestured that the players must take much of the responsibility for the crisis the club is in.

– I feel for the fans, and I feel the same as them. We are embarrassed to lose that way. We are in bad shape and in a difficult situation, but it is part of football, said Solskjær who had waved apologetically to the fans.

– It was a “sorry” for the performance, Solskjær said about the session out on the grass.

They have signed a new three-year contract this summer, and reportedly has over two million kroner in weekly salary. If the Manchester United management chooses to get rid of the 48-year-old, he will probably receive solid financial compensation.

De Gea: – Embarrassing

– There is not much to say. It was embarrassing to see Manchester United play like we did today. We were able to concede four goals in the first 45 minutes. It’s nightmare after nightmare, it’s been like this for a long time, it’s not acceptable – the way we played and did things. It’s easy to blame the manager or the coaching staff, but sometimes it’s the players. We are professional players, we have to show more, much more than we do, said Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea according to BBC after the giant bang.

– It has been very bad for a long time, a club like Manchester United will fight for trophies and big things. Something is wrong, very wrong. To be honest, we are far from it, De Gea added.

– It is almost inconceivable if Solskjær keeps the job after a new humiliation. There is a group of players who obviously do not have the faith. It is dark for Solskjær, said TV2 commentator Alsaker from the inner court at Anfield before he was to comment on the evening match between Liverpool and Arsenal.

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– The problems are getting bigger and bigger, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. The only thing that applies to Solskjær now is to win matches. He’s getting tough in Spain now, TV 2 expert Nils Johan Semb added and is thinking about Tuesday’s Champions League meeting away against Villarreal.

– Watford is a bottom team in the Premier League. When they go on such an ugly bang after the previous bangs, then there must be meeting activity in a club as large as Manchester United, Alsaker added.

After another loss, against weakly placed Watford, Solskjær and several of the players strolled around the grass. When Solskjær was away with the supporters, he was greeted with a whistle. Then Bruno Fernandes reacted with a gesture where he obviously showed the fans that it is “not just the manager”. Fernandes pointed to the player group.

It is probably asked regardless of whether it contributes to the Norwegian saving the job, and already on Tuesday night there is an away match in the Champions League against Villarreal.

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