Sunday, November 28

They transported stone from the state’s billion project in Oslo. Some are said to have earned about 90 kroner an hour.

“We may be in the same boat,” Statsbygg wrote in an e-mail to Oslo Municipality after a revelation about working conditions on Langøyene ships.

Over the past year, this ship has transported sand and soil to the Langøyene for Oslo Municipality and stone from the Government Quarter for Statsbygg.

If you have looked in between the barriers in the new Government Quarter, you may have seen the huge crater in the ground. It will be the quarter’s basement.

Tons of stones have been blasted out and transported away. The masses are driven to the quay and transported by ship to landfills at Holmestrand.

One of the ships that has done the job is MS Vestbris.

Does the name sound familiar? Aftenposten has written several cases about the ship which also transports sand to the bathing pearl Langøyene for Oslo municipality.

The working conditions on the ship have created controversy.

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