Thursday, December 9

Thousands of Australians demonstrate against vaccination

(Belga) Thousands of opponents of the Covid-19 vaccination gathered on Saturday in several cities in Australia.

Almost 85% of Australians over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated and have returned to almost normal lives. Demonstrators gathered on Saturday in the country’s largest cities protested against compulsory vaccination, which is only required in certain states and territories for certain professional categories. In Melbourne, several thousand people have called for the imprisonment of the Prime Minister of that state, Daniel Andrews, and against a bill to give more powers to the government of the state of Victoria to fight the pandemic. Contrary to previous protests, no clashes with the police were reported, nor calls for the hanging of political leaders. According to police, up to 10,000 people gathered in Sydney, among them anti-vaccination. About 2,000 people demonstrated in Melbourne to oppose the anti-vaccination rally, one of the first counter-protests since the start of the pandemic. Australia has recorded more than 195,000 cases and 1,933 deaths linked to the virus in a population of more than 25 million since the start of the pandemic. (Belga)

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