Saturday, December 4

Thousands still without power – several trains canceled

Thousands of people are still without power after the storm in the southeastern country on Friday. At the same time, several municipalities have set crisis staff on Saturday.

Large numbers of trees are strewn across county road 243 in Hedalen on the border between Ringerike and Sør-Aurdal after the storm on Friday. Sør-Aurdal has not received an overview of the extent of the damage in the municipality.

– One must expect that the power will not come until tomorrow. We hope to clean up most of it tomorrow, says web director Tom Ivar Knutsen in Etna Nett to Oppland Arbeiderblad (OA).

On Friday night, there were at least 15,000 without electricity in Vestoppland. At the network company Elvia, 221 subscribers are still without electricity in Gjøvik, and 397 in Vestre Toten.

Elsewhere in the country informs Eliva’s power outage map at 11.35 that 186 subscribers are without electricity in Lillehammer, 402 in Gausdal, 53 in Ringsaker, 20 in Nittedal and 5 in Ullensaker.

Elvia’s communications manager Morten Schau says TV 2 that the network company worked all night until Saturday to remove trees and straighten in lines that have smoked.

– There is a lot of work, so we have requisitioned three helicopters to help us find the wrong places, he says.

Crisis staff in several municipalities

The electricity problems have, among other things, led to several municipalities setting crisis staffs. Mayor Ola Tore Dokken (Sp) in Nordre Land i Innlandet informed Dagbladet that the municipality sat in an emergency meeting Saturday morning.

– The topic of the meeting is the loss of electricity and mobile networks. There is so much damage to the lines with post breaks and forest that has settled over the lines. It will take some time to fix, he says.

To OA Dokken stated at 9.30 that it is mostly only in the center of Dokka that there is electricity.

– Otherwise it is dark in the whole municipality. We have far from an overview of the extent of the damage yet, but there is a lot of windswept forest around, he says.

Massive damage to property

In Sør-Aurdal, crisis staff has also been established. Here, too, the total overview of the extent of the damage has not been obtained.

– We have massive damage after the storm, both on the roof and property. Lots of forest has been blown down, and several roads are and have been closed, says mayor Marit Hougsrud.

In several places in the Inland, the mobile network has also been knocked out by the ravages of the wind, and it may take time before the coverage is as before.

– The emergency unit has given a cautious improvement to the situation in some areas, but in other areas the closed road and three falls make the work of error correction difficult, says information manager Henriette Holte in Telenor to the newspaper.

Fire chief and general manager of Valdres fire and rescue service Laila Lien Østgård, tells Aftenposten that they have not received any reports of serious accidents and injuries.

– Most of our work has been to clear the way for trees. In addition, we have helped provide water to farmers and helped shops save food, she says.

Østgård further says that large parts of Valdres have problems with the mobile network at the moment.

Several train departures in Eastern Norway canceled

Due to a lot of storms in Western Norway and southern Eastern Norway, several train lines were canceled on Saturday.

The Gjøvik-Grua section on the Gjøvik line, which has been closed for large parts of Saturday, was reopened at 2.30 pm, reports you. There may still be delays, the company states.

At the same time, the Bergen line is closed between Ål municipality and Hønefoss. you working to ensure alternative transport.

At 11.42 informs Bane Nor that the work of correcting the error continues. They further write that they do not know how much time it will take. A new update is expected on Saturday at 6 p.m.

There are also delays in train traffic after a train on Saturday morning blocked one track between Oslo S and the National Theater.

Bane Nor writes that the section between Roa and Hønefoss is also closed due to power outages.

Calmer weather awaits

On-duty meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe tells Aftenposten that the storm in southeastern Norway has now calmed down.

– Now it’s really over. At the moment, there is a fresh breeze on most of this in the mountains, but it is getting calmer hour by hour, he says.

According to Walløe, the wind was strongest in the mountains. At the same time, strong winds were reported in valleys such as Valdres and Hallingdal.

– These are places where there is not always so much wind. Then the consequences are often greater.

In Geilo, gusts of up to 32 meters per second were reported. At the top of Hemsedal ski center, the wind at its strongest had a speed of 44 meters per second, Walløe states.

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