Saturday, December 4

Tønseth thinks the Olympics are over: – Damn disappointed

Didrik Tønseth was to show that he is good enough for the World Cup in Ruka and Olympic current, but failed at Beitostølen. – I’m damn disappointed, Tønseth said afterwards.

Didrik Tønseth was disappointed after the ninth place in the 15 km classic on Saturday. He realizes that the road to the Olympics will be long.

BEITOSTØLEN: The big question before the men’s season opener on Saturday was: Is Didrik Tønseth good enough to fight at the very top?

The Byåsen runner has been in trouble for two years and was wrecked from the national team this spring. It did not take long before he got his own team in place, with former national team coach Trond Nystad as mentor and friend Einar Moxens as all-rounder.

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