Thursday, December 9

Uighurs: a Chinese disseminates a video of the alleged detention camps in Xinjiang

The video, which lasts about twenty minutes, was reportedly shot in 2020 by a Chinese man named “Guanguan” in Xinjiang, western China.

Buildings under close surveillance, walls topped with barbed wire, control towers… The detention camps are said to house between 1 and 2 million Uyghurs, who would suffer physical harassment, forced labor and ideological re-education.

Forbidden to journalists and foreigners, these centers aroused the curiosity of a Chinese who reportedly went to the Xinjiang administrative region to conduct his own investigation and capture meaningful images of these camps in 2020.

“Due to restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities, foreign journalists cannot access Xinjiang. Me, I can ”, details“ Guanguan ”in the video made public on YouTube on October 5, 2021, and echoed by Courrier international.

A map, a starting point

To shoot his video, “Guanguan” would have used a map produced by experts from the Australian Strategy Policy Institute (ASPI) and broadcast on Buzzfeed. The young Chinese, accompanied by a driver, reportedly spotted the places of detention on the map and went to investigate visible evidence of the places of detention of the Uighurs.

Demonstration in the United Kingdom for the recognition of the genocide by the British parliament.

“I was really amazed when I saw this video,” commented Alison Killing, architect and geospatial analyst who helped create the map. “The first thing to say is how brave this guy was to go to Xinjiang and find these camps,” she added.

So far, the video continues to run on social media. Nevertheless, there are still doubts about its veracity.

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