Sunday, November 28

United States: filmed hitting his partner in front of their baby, a former NFL player arrested after 4 days on the run (video)

It is a video of extreme violence from the United States that has appeared on social networks in recent days. We see former NFL (National Football League) player Zac Stacy physically and verbally assaulting his companion, while their five-month-old child cries. He was finally arrested Thursday, November 18.

It was in Florida that the Orlando police carried out the uneventful arrest of the former midfielder, who “intended to surrender”, as reported. TMZ. The assailant was then taken to jail in Orange County.

Zachary Latrell Stacy, whose real name is, fled on November 13, just after beating his partner. In the video relayed on social networks and whose images may shock, the former member of the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams violently attacks his concubine, Kristin Evans. At first, he punches her on the face, before grabbing her to throw her against their television screen.

The mother then tries to calm him down by talking to him while remaining on the ground. But the man does not care, and returns to the charge, sending her what appears to be food, before slapping her again. He then lifts her up while insulting her, to throw her brutally on their child’s activity table.

While the latter is not far from the scene of the assault, his mother begs Zac Stacy to stop and calm down. After assaulting him, the man then chose to leave. Kristin Evans, who contacted the police dispatched on the spot, explains to them that the former player addressed their baby just before fleeing, to say to him “I love you”.

Other assaults have already occurred

Kristin Evans also confessed that this was not her partner’s first attack. The latter is said to have hit her several times, even during her pregnancy. If this time she comes out with a few bruises, she nevertheless decided to file a complaint.

Police announced Thursday that they are indicting Zac Stacy with two counts, second degree aggravated assault and battery and third degree criminal mischief. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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