Sunday, November 28

Was far down a week and a half ago – hit back with a victory: – Feared the season would go to hell

Bjørn Magnussen hit back hard after the injury problems that meant he had to stand over the World Cup in Poland. The 23-year-old rushed to victory and his best time on Norwegian ice.

After struggling with injuries, Bjørn Magnussen struck back in Stavanger.

SØRMARKA ARENA: – Incredibly delicious! One and a half weeks ago, I was sitting in my room in Oslo and was sorry to have to stay in Poland. It was heavy, but I have been through a lot of injuries before and know how to deal with it. I know that I have always come back stronger, he says to Adresseavisen in the press zone at Sørmarka Arena.

It was a clearly satisfied 23-year-old who met the newspaper after clinking with a time of 34,928 in the 500 meters in the B-class. The fist was tied, and the time resulted in victory ahead of Russian Ruslan Murashov (34.97) and Italian Jeffrey Rosanelli (35.22).

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