Sunday, November 28

Brief panic scene at Atlanta airport after “accidental shootings”

(Belga) “Accidental shootings” caused a brief scene of panic on Saturday inside the American airport in Atlanta, in the middle of the weekend before the Thanksgiving holidays, but management assured that it did not There was neither shooter nor “any danger”.

“At around 1:30 p.m. today (7:30 p.m. HB), a gun accidentally went off in the ATL (Atlanta Airport) security check area,” the airport’s Twitter account said. city ​​in the southeastern United States. “There is no gunman at the airport,” added the same source, adding that the police were there. In another tweet soon after, the airport insisted there was “no danger to passengers or employees” and that an investigation was underway. American television stations, such as CNN, were showing footage of chaotic scenes captured by passengers. There are studs on the ground, panicked voices and travelers hiding where they can, but the situation seemed to be quickly sorted out. American airports are very busy the weekend before the week of Thanskgiving, one of the most popular festivals in the United States. (Belga)

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