Thursday, December 9

Christmas 2021: the best gifts for wine lovers

The passion for grapes is gaining more and more followers. To satisfy a confirmed amateur or a neophyte, there is no lack of good ideas.

A prestigious box

Les Caves de Taillevent have selected three exceptional wines to always succeed in its food and wine pairing on New Year’s Eve. First there is an author’s champagne, an Anjou wine and finally a Marsannay. Behind this selection, we find the Wines and Spirits director of the Taillevent Houses, Nicolas Vialettes, (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie). The three bottles are served in a very elegant box.

Special Holiday Box, three bottles, Les Caves de Taillevent, € 99

A high-performance cap


Thanks to its ingenious system, Coravin can keep a bottle long after opening, up to four weeks. The Pivot model is particularly accessible and its use is very simple.

Pivot, Coravin 99€

A perfect drink


There is no better glass for a true wine lover. The universal Zalto model is so light that it makes you forget the presence of the container. Made in Austria, these glasses are not far from perfect.

Universal glass, Zalto, from 32 €

An original book


Winemaker and radio columnist, Sylvie Augereau tells the whole story of wine, from the vine to the cellar, in a unique book. Few texts but many photos that really allow you to experience the daily life of a winegrower.

Wine, by those who make it for those who drink it, Sylvie Augereau, photos by Louis-Laurent Grandadam, Editions Hoëbeke, € 30

A work of art


© PrinceGyasi

Ariane de Rothschild is celebrating land and architecture today in a special bottle of the 2016 vintage of Château des Laurets, Baron Edmond, Sélection Parcellaire. Produced by artist Gilles Chabrier, this work symbolizes the earth which propels the plant towards the sky.

Magnum Château des Laurets, Baron Edmond, plot selection 2016, (36 numbered bottles), € 900

A vineyard plot


Admittedly, the price of the vine is overpriced today. But Cuvée Privée has devised a subscription system that amounts to adopting a vineyard plot. After subscription, we receive a welcome kit with a certificate, an invitation to the domain for 2 people and a membership card. Then, every three months we receive a personalized bottle with his name and another from the estate as well as a report on the season that has just passed.

Adoption of the vines, Cuvée Privée, from € 198 (or € 42.50 / quarter + preview option of € 28.00)

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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