Thursday, December 9

New corona riots in the Netherlands

Corona demonstrations were held in a number of cities in the Netherlands on Saturday night, but they went smoothly. Later in the evening, some of them became violent.

In The Hague, the evening ended with riots when protesters started throwing stones and fireworks at the police, and set fire to bicycles.

Rebel police used a water cannon to put out a fire at an intersection, and police patrolled horses and bicycles.

Several people were arrested in a working-class district in The Hague. There were also riots in the city of Urk, as well as in some cities in the Limburg province in the south of the country, reports the broadcaster NOS.

On Friday night, 51 people, about half of them minors, were arrested and seven injured in riots during a corona demonstration in Rotterdam. The city mayor called the riots an “orgy of violence.” The police fired several warning shots, and at one point on Friday night the situation became so dangerous that the police had to shoot at protesters, the police stated on Saturday. Several police officers were injured, and three protesters were shot.

The case will be investigated by the Netherlands’ special unit for police matters.


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