Sunday, November 28

Song. Juliette Armanet: “It took me a long time for my music to resemble me”

How would you define the “Armanet touch” on this second record?

“I wondered about my base, what defines me the best. Obviously, there is always the famous piano which is my alter ego, the attention paid to the text, and then a certain humor, I dare to hope – in the big talk about love, because that’s what concerns me the most. When you make a second album, the question is how to stay true to what you have built and to yourself, in yourself renewing at the same time. What also counts in a musician’s path is not to be afraid to take risks, or even to break down certain expectations in order to rediscover yourself. “

Risks, but we know you are a very perfectionist …

“It’s a way of being a perfectionist to accept to …

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